Thursday, December 20, 2012

Note to self and the communication dilemma

  • If you try to make a pot of chili and a pot of wassail at the same time...the house ends up smelling like some crazy Thai food. {Don't do it!}
  • I had another one for this note to self section, but I've already forgotten it because my brain is nonfunctional. Just ask that lady I was trying to talk to yesterday; I'm sure I made zero sense in all that babbling. Oh well, I'm growing a person. I think I can remember that much for my excuse!
  • Oh, I remembered. Instant coffee (decaf, of course) is thoroughly delicious in ice cream and chocolate milk, but don't go trying to drink a cup of it.

I got off of facebook a little under two weeks ago. It probably won't end up being permanent, but I'm enjoying feeling challenged to pick up the phone and call the people in whose lives I'm interested....rather than just clicking on their profile, seeing what they're up to, and going on about my day. I want to maintain real relationships. I don't have much time to sit down and call people or write letters, but how much more meaningful is a quick chat on the phone than stalking someone's wall? {You and I both know full well it's about a gazillion times more meaningful.} So, that's what I'm trying to do; to call my friends and tell them I love them - even if it's just on their voicemail.

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