Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lizard Saga and Thursday's tidbits.

I'm kind of distracted. There a lizard toes sticking out from beneath the window, and I'm SO hoping he'll just skedaddle his way home and NOT make me have to put a cup over him until Emery gets home. The problem is made worse by the fact that A) the window is closed and B) this lizard's little buddy is between the screen and window and he might take a fancy to come in my house too.

I don't like lizards in the house. Not. One. Bit.

Two years ago, I came home one afternoon and a lizard scurried in while I had the door open. Emery was out of town, and there wasn't any way I was going to let that lizard roam free in my apartment and potentially get in MY bed. Ick, oh ick. I pursued him with a cup, and I learned then that plastic cups aren't heavy enough and the little bugger crawled out from under it (I trapped him on the carpet)...but on my second attempt, I held that cup down and stacked all number of items on top to be CERTAIN he wouldn't escape.
And there that lizard remained until Emery could be back at home again. As it happened it was about two weeks before we were able to dispatch the lizard, and I kind of expected a little pile of lizard bones under the cup. But no. He was weak, but he wasn't dead. Emery set him free into the wild, and being so weak, he was probably eaten by a bird directly, and that somehow doesn't hurt my feelings at all.
Kroger had my preferred brand of make-up -Physicians' Formula- marked down significantly this week. So much so that what would have cost near $35 was closer to $7-8. I can't pass up deals like that, and in doing so I discovered a whole new world of make-up. Tinted Moisturizer. What an amazing invention! I'm pretty siked about can tell because I just used the word 'siked', and that's So seventh grade.
I'm convinced that it will be super handy especially after the baby comes because it's so much more efficient than having to moisturize and then put on foundation. Huzzah!
When we unpacked our books a few weeks ago, Emery asked me if I would need anything else out of a certain box. To which I confidently replied that I would not, having already retrieved Hattie's baby book that was in need of a little updating. So we went along our merry way, and said box was placed unfortunately far down in a stack of boxes. This was no predicament at all until today when I bought some ready-to-paint letters for the girls' room and some happy paint colors......and come to find out, my paint brushes are stuck in that silly box that I said I shouldn't need anything out of for quite some time. Oye.
I DO have a good and kind husband, and I think he'll indulge me the trouble of moving several boxes around, and he'd much rather do it himself than have me trying to lift than. I'll just have to wait till he gets home and humbly plead my cause. And if it's no avail, I'm going to paint those silly letters with a Q-tip.
The lizard is poking his head out. Distraction intensified.
The weather here has been cr-razy this week. It was 77 degrees on Tuesday. Insane. Such weather makes me forget it is still January, and positively ache to plant flowers and put out fresh mulch and spruce up our outdoor spaces. I'm trying to refrain, but I won't say I haven't looked around the internet hoping for some Lowe's or Home Depot giftcard giveaways.
Tried to cup the lizard. Failed attempt. Opened the window, closed the window. Might have smushed him to bits. Don't care, honestly. Thankful he didn't jump on my foot. be continued.

Friday, January 25, 2013


As you well know, I've been nesting. Preparing for a wee one. And these pregnancy hormones make little tasks on my sooner-or-later to-do list seem more like "the world will end if you don't do this TODAY!" tasks.
I've been feeling some pressure from said hormones to get busy making sure Hattie is set for the summer. The soonest consignment sale around here is the weekend of our due date, and I'm guessing I won't really feel like wandering through acres of children's clothes whilst waiting to go into labor, but I could be wrong.
I feel fairly triumphant today though because between good old Ross and TJMaxx, Hattie and I found her five dresses for less than $27 total. That's works out to be around $4.50/dress. I'm pretty sure I'd be hard pressed to beat those prices at consignment sales, and these are brand new. Thank you, Lord!

I'm so glad the world won't be ending today since I was able to accomplish that chore!

{BUT, I fully believe the LORD blessed us to find those dresses, and gave us the energy to keep shopping when Old Navy, Children's Place, and Gymboree all turned out to be disappointments.}

We also enjoyed a scrumptious lunch with a dear friend at the Corner Bakery Cafe. It was our first time to dine there, but I'm confident it won't be the last.

 In other news, it's finally Friday! Glory Hallelujah! I love spending the weekends with my little family. I hope you're weekend is thoroughly delightful. : )

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bump

Pardon the icky flash.

It's been practically forever since I've posted a baby-bump picture on the blog, so here's a couple very poorly shot self portraits.
Baby Girl is 30.5weeks already! Come Monday, we'll be in the single-digits of the number of weeks left until we get to meet our sweet little baby! Yay!!

It struck me yesterday how many songs and books this baby gets to hear on a daily basis. She'll probably be able to quote 'Green Eggs and Ham' before she can say Mama. :)

Pink laundry is my very favorite kind of laundry, especially when it involves itty bitty dresses. And newborn shoes, don't get me started, I could gush over the cuteness of newborn shoes for days. We have a particularly delightful pair of black patent-leather church shoes that warm my heart every time I lay eyes on them.

I've been crossing items off my pre-baby to-do list in pretty rapid order. In fact, all I can think of right off is installing the car seat (which means cleaning out Hattie's toys & books from the car), and packing the bag for the hospital. I haven't actually toured the hospital, maybe I should....but if I do, I might get nervous and feel like I need to write a 5-page birth plan at which the nurses will promptly roll their eyes and ignore. I'm hoping that I can labor at home long enough that we can drive up to the hospital maybe ten happy minutes before time to start pushing, and have the baby before anyone can mention pitocin or IVs or anything unpleasant.

Oh! And speaking of things far from unpleasant, it snowed this morning! Emery braved the elements to snap a few pictures (for posterity, as we always say)...and I declare it was the most ideal morning as we sipped our homemade hot chocolate, and watched the snow fall in gorgeous, fluffy flakes. It also helped that Emery didn't have to report for work until 10, and we had all morning to enjoy the snow with him. We chose not to get out and play in it at all because of the rains we've had all week, and I wasn't in any hurry to stir up all the mud underneath our inch or two of serene beauty. Of course, Mr. Sun has melted away almost all the traces of our happy snow, and there's just a wee bit left to be seen on the rooftops. But it was a lovely morning.
Now, that homemade hot chocolate I mentioned, that was supreme. Emery actually said it was the best he'd ever had, and you know comments like that make me want to jump up and down. :) We used the majority of a 72% dark chocolate bar (that had some blueberry flavor to it), and it was rich! Maybe the blueberry flavor kept the chocolate from melting all the way, but once we had it in our mugs, the very top of it was like drinking a chocolate souffle, and followed by creamy goodness. Yumm-o. Not for the faint of heart, and one small cup did fill us up, but it was the perfect addition to our snowy morning.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain boots and sleep {or the lack thereof}

Today, I bought Hattie some rain boots.
They weren't on sale. It took me a little to get past that. Hattie's constant, "Boots, boots, boots" and my knowing that Emery wanted her to have some helped.
They're purple with googley eyes on the toes. And baby girl loves them. Or she will love them once she has had a proper nap and can fully appreciate the wonder of rain boots.

She doesn't know yet that rain boots mean it's okay to splash in puddles. Heck, she doesn't even know yet that boots are suitable for the wet (her current suede ones certainly aren't). But she'll learn these things in time, and I'm thrilled at the prospect of her excitement over each new discovery.

Since this past weekend, Hattie has regressed in her sleep training about six months. I don't really like calling it 'sleep training'. In our home, it's been more of transition to sleeping independently. It's been gradual and multi-phased, but for some reason we're all of the sudden in the same place we were at in June. And that's frustrating, because I know she can sleep well on her own. I know she can lay down in her bed and say 'night-night' and go to sleep. Here we are though, working through the same processes again, only faster - much faster! I'm really hoping she'll be back in tip-top sleeping shape by the end of the week, we'll see how it goes.
I caught myself thinking yesterday that I wished the Bible had specific instructions for getting your toddler to sleep. Wouldn't that be lovely? Alas. But it does tell us to 'do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God'.....that gets me. That tells me it isn't okay to be short-tempered with Hattie when I haven't slept in several hours, when I could totally justify being a grump. It tells me to be patient. To love her. And to pray for wisdom.
Wisdom is such an invaluable gift.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why do I do this to myself?

The Pioneer Woman. I read her blog mostly because she gives things away pretty often (or at least it seems so during the holiday season), and because she has some tasty looking recipes....but it's the giveaways that keep me checking in.
This week she was giving away a gorgeous teal kitchen-aid stand mixer. And then I look at the number of comments/entries ahead of mine and my heart sinks considerably. The odds of winning are literally one in 50,000.  {I can't even imagine how that many people could ever read one person's blog, but apparently she's got quite a following.} Regardless of the terrible odds, I keep hoping that maybe I'll win anyway.

You know what? I came across a picture of myself from twenty years ago, and the best part is that the all-the-rage bangs right now are exactly the ones I had in the picture (except of course, mine were the little girl version).
Everything is cyclical. But, please oh please, let's keep those crazy wind suits from being pink and purple and that horrible swish, swish, swish. You sure couldn't sneak up on anyone in one of those.
I'm not very trendy. Not very at all, actually. This evidenced by the fact that I bought my first pair of 'skinny' jeans in 2011 (I remember them getting popular in high school, years earlier)....and that was only because I had a newborn and the maternity clothes were too big and everything else was too small - it's a frustrating place to be - but at that point just the name 'skinny jeans' was somewhat encouraging, even if they were a few sizes larger than my pride would have preferred. Anyway, I try to keep things in my closet that are going to be worn until they wear out, rather than when until the trends change. That's just the way I roll.
This pregnancy is throwing me for a loop in the clothing department. I'm finding the shirts that I could wear all the way through the last time are entirely too short to be worn in public now. This baby is sitting much lower than Hattie did, but I'm afraid I might have to buy a few more things just to get through this last trimester. I would rather buy a few new shirts than have the baby up in my ribs like Hattie was...she made my ribs expand and expand and expand. I didn't even know ribs could do that.

I started drinking my red raspberry leaf tea yesterday. In a way it kind of makes me excited to already be to this point, but at the same time, I wish I liked it more. It's rather bitter herb. Thankfully, I only have to down one cup a day till we get a little closer to the due date.
A friend of mine is due about five weeks ahead of us, and she's going off the medicine to stop the contractions here pretty soon. Please be praying that her little boy would stay put until he gets to full term.

We're finally getting well around here, just holding on to our coughs for nostalgia's sake. It's been a long week. We've all had different germs attack us too. Here's hoping we can be back at church as a family again tonight.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today, we unpacked our books.

This is pretty huge for us. It's bigger than signing a lease. It means we're staying put for a while, and that we're okay with that.

It's only taken us 9 months of living here to get to this point. But whatever wander-lust might linger around in our minds, and whatever desire to be nearer family pulls at our heart we are. We're home. And we've got a baby to make ready for.
{Babies need to have the furniture rearranged and books properly on the shelves before they can arrive, of course.}

Emery did a Great job moving the living room furniture around this morning, too. It's so much more serene and open; I didn't even know it felt chaotic till it was rearranged. 
Funny thing about furniture: for months on end, it can seem perfectly acceptable, and then one day it's awful and has to change.

I guess Baby Sayre needs more preparation for her arrival than I thought she did. : )

Friday, January 4, 2013

Life's Moments

Life is full of moments that give you pause.

Like whether that dead spider by your foot bit you before he died.
And why your toddler has to have three answers for every question.

But then watching that same toddler drink green smoothies kind of makes me feel like supermom, and I'm certain all that green-ness will help her fight germs ten times better.
I'm not supermom. I don't mind that fact.
I'm just thankful that so far this week, I've managed to walk the fine line between the stomach virus and the high fever that have been camped out in our home. Thank you, Lord!