Friday, January 25, 2013


As you well know, I've been nesting. Preparing for a wee one. And these pregnancy hormones make little tasks on my sooner-or-later to-do list seem more like "the world will end if you don't do this TODAY!" tasks.
I've been feeling some pressure from said hormones to get busy making sure Hattie is set for the summer. The soonest consignment sale around here is the weekend of our due date, and I'm guessing I won't really feel like wandering through acres of children's clothes whilst waiting to go into labor, but I could be wrong.
I feel fairly triumphant today though because between good old Ross and TJMaxx, Hattie and I found her five dresses for less than $27 total. That's works out to be around $4.50/dress. I'm pretty sure I'd be hard pressed to beat those prices at consignment sales, and these are brand new. Thank you, Lord!

I'm so glad the world won't be ending today since I was able to accomplish that chore!

{BUT, I fully believe the LORD blessed us to find those dresses, and gave us the energy to keep shopping when Old Navy, Children's Place, and Gymboree all turned out to be disappointments.}

We also enjoyed a scrumptious lunch with a dear friend at the Corner Bakery Cafe. It was our first time to dine there, but I'm confident it won't be the last.

 In other news, it's finally Friday! Glory Hallelujah! I love spending the weekends with my little family. I hope you're weekend is thoroughly delightful. : )

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