Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lizard Saga and Thursday's tidbits.

I'm kind of distracted. There a lizard toes sticking out from beneath the window, and I'm SO hoping he'll just skedaddle his way home and NOT make me have to put a cup over him until Emery gets home. The problem is made worse by the fact that A) the window is closed and B) this lizard's little buddy is between the screen and window and he might take a fancy to come in my house too.

I don't like lizards in the house. Not. One. Bit.

Two years ago, I came home one afternoon and a lizard scurried in while I had the door open. Emery was out of town, and there wasn't any way I was going to let that lizard roam free in my apartment and potentially get in MY bed. Ick, oh ick. I pursued him with a cup, and I learned then that plastic cups aren't heavy enough and the little bugger crawled out from under it (I trapped him on the carpet)...but on my second attempt, I held that cup down and stacked all number of items on top to be CERTAIN he wouldn't escape.
And there that lizard remained until Emery could be back at home again. As it happened it was about two weeks before we were able to dispatch the lizard, and I kind of expected a little pile of lizard bones under the cup. But no. He was weak, but he wasn't dead. Emery set him free into the wild, and being so weak, he was probably eaten by a bird directly, and that somehow doesn't hurt my feelings at all.
Kroger had my preferred brand of make-up -Physicians' Formula- marked down significantly this week. So much so that what would have cost near $35 was closer to $7-8. I can't pass up deals like that, and in doing so I discovered a whole new world of make-up. Tinted Moisturizer. What an amazing invention! I'm pretty siked about can tell because I just used the word 'siked', and that's So seventh grade.
I'm convinced that it will be super handy especially after the baby comes because it's so much more efficient than having to moisturize and then put on foundation. Huzzah!
When we unpacked our books a few weeks ago, Emery asked me if I would need anything else out of a certain box. To which I confidently replied that I would not, having already retrieved Hattie's baby book that was in need of a little updating. So we went along our merry way, and said box was placed unfortunately far down in a stack of boxes. This was no predicament at all until today when I bought some ready-to-paint letters for the girls' room and some happy paint colors......and come to find out, my paint brushes are stuck in that silly box that I said I shouldn't need anything out of for quite some time. Oye.
I DO have a good and kind husband, and I think he'll indulge me the trouble of moving several boxes around, and he'd much rather do it himself than have me trying to lift than. I'll just have to wait till he gets home and humbly plead my cause. And if it's no avail, I'm going to paint those silly letters with a Q-tip.
The lizard is poking his head out. Distraction intensified.
The weather here has been cr-razy this week. It was 77 degrees on Tuesday. Insane. Such weather makes me forget it is still January, and positively ache to plant flowers and put out fresh mulch and spruce up our outdoor spaces. I'm trying to refrain, but I won't say I haven't looked around the internet hoping for some Lowe's or Home Depot giftcard giveaways.
Tried to cup the lizard. Failed attempt. Opened the window, closed the window. Might have smushed him to bits. Don't care, honestly. Thankful he didn't jump on my foot. be continued.

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  1. Did you know those little lizards can give dogs tapeworm if ingested? Not that you need to know, but we're finding out the hard way. Wesley loves to hunt the lizards and now we have problems. :)

    I just recently bought Physicians Formula organic tinted moisturizer and powder. I LOVE it! It feels so light and not at all oily. I hate wearing makeup and rarely do, so when I actually put some on I want it to feel good.

    Dollar Tree sells packages of paint brushes for $1. That would be a lot easier than digging out the box or using a Qtip. :)