Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today, we unpacked our books.

This is pretty huge for us. It's bigger than signing a lease. It means we're staying put for a while, and that we're okay with that.

It's only taken us 9 months of living here to get to this point. But whatever wander-lust might linger around in our minds, and whatever desire to be nearer family pulls at our heart we are. We're home. And we've got a baby to make ready for.
{Babies need to have the furniture rearranged and books properly on the shelves before they can arrive, of course.}

Emery did a Great job moving the living room furniture around this morning, too. It's so much more serene and open; I didn't even know it felt chaotic till it was rearranged. 
Funny thing about furniture: for months on end, it can seem perfectly acceptable, and then one day it's awful and has to change.

I guess Baby Sayre needs more preparation for her arrival than I thought she did. : )

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