Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bump

Pardon the icky flash.

It's been practically forever since I've posted a baby-bump picture on the blog, so here's a couple very poorly shot self portraits.
Baby Girl is 30.5weeks already! Come Monday, we'll be in the single-digits of the number of weeks left until we get to meet our sweet little baby! Yay!!

It struck me yesterday how many songs and books this baby gets to hear on a daily basis. She'll probably be able to quote 'Green Eggs and Ham' before she can say Mama. :)

Pink laundry is my very favorite kind of laundry, especially when it involves itty bitty dresses. And newborn shoes, don't get me started, I could gush over the cuteness of newborn shoes for days. We have a particularly delightful pair of black patent-leather church shoes that warm my heart every time I lay eyes on them.

I've been crossing items off my pre-baby to-do list in pretty rapid order. In fact, all I can think of right off is installing the car seat (which means cleaning out Hattie's toys & books from the car), and packing the bag for the hospital. I haven't actually toured the hospital, maybe I should....but if I do, I might get nervous and feel like I need to write a 5-page birth plan at which the nurses will promptly roll their eyes and ignore. I'm hoping that I can labor at home long enough that we can drive up to the hospital maybe ten happy minutes before time to start pushing, and have the baby before anyone can mention pitocin or IVs or anything unpleasant.

Oh! And speaking of things far from unpleasant, it snowed this morning! Emery braved the elements to snap a few pictures (for posterity, as we always say)...and I declare it was the most ideal morning as we sipped our homemade hot chocolate, and watched the snow fall in gorgeous, fluffy flakes. It also helped that Emery didn't have to report for work until 10, and we had all morning to enjoy the snow with him. We chose not to get out and play in it at all because of the rains we've had all week, and I wasn't in any hurry to stir up all the mud underneath our inch or two of serene beauty. Of course, Mr. Sun has melted away almost all the traces of our happy snow, and there's just a wee bit left to be seen on the rooftops. But it was a lovely morning.
Now, that homemade hot chocolate I mentioned, that was supreme. Emery actually said it was the best he'd ever had, and you know comments like that make me want to jump up and down. :) We used the majority of a 72% dark chocolate bar (that had some blueberry flavor to it), and it was rich! Maybe the blueberry flavor kept the chocolate from melting all the way, but once we had it in our mugs, the very top of it was like drinking a chocolate souffle, and followed by creamy goodness. Yumm-o. Not for the faint of heart, and one small cup did fill us up, but it was the perfect addition to our snowy morning.

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  1. Your little bump is so cute! Even more reason we're kindred spirits....your birth plan is the same as mine. I've even said it wouldn't bother me if I had to deliver this baby in the hallway of the hospital because we waited so long to go. :) And the baby shoes...melt! I've refrained from buying any so far (and actually I've only bought 2 or 3 items of clothing for Little Miss), but I just love those little shoes!