Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why do I do this to myself?

The Pioneer Woman. I read her blog mostly because she gives things away pretty often (or at least it seems so during the holiday season), and because she has some tasty looking recipes....but it's the giveaways that keep me checking in.
This week she was giving away a gorgeous teal kitchen-aid stand mixer. And then I look at the number of comments/entries ahead of mine and my heart sinks considerably. The odds of winning are literally one in 50,000.  {I can't even imagine how that many people could ever read one person's blog, but apparently she's got quite a following.} Regardless of the terrible odds, I keep hoping that maybe I'll win anyway.

You know what? I came across a picture of myself from twenty years ago, and the best part is that the all-the-rage bangs right now are exactly the ones I had in the picture (except of course, mine were the little girl version).
Everything is cyclical. But, please oh please, let's keep those crazy wind suits from being pink and purple and that horrible swish, swish, swish. You sure couldn't sneak up on anyone in one of those.
I'm not very trendy. Not very at all, actually. This evidenced by the fact that I bought my first pair of 'skinny' jeans in 2011 (I remember them getting popular in high school, years earlier)....and that was only because I had a newborn and the maternity clothes were too big and everything else was too small - it's a frustrating place to be - but at that point just the name 'skinny jeans' was somewhat encouraging, even if they were a few sizes larger than my pride would have preferred. Anyway, I try to keep things in my closet that are going to be worn until they wear out, rather than when until the trends change. That's just the way I roll.
This pregnancy is throwing me for a loop in the clothing department. I'm finding the shirts that I could wear all the way through the last time are entirely too short to be worn in public now. This baby is sitting much lower than Hattie did, but I'm afraid I might have to buy a few more things just to get through this last trimester. I would rather buy a few new shirts than have the baby up in my ribs like Hattie was...she made my ribs expand and expand and expand. I didn't even know ribs could do that.

I started drinking my red raspberry leaf tea yesterday. In a way it kind of makes me excited to already be to this point, but at the same time, I wish I liked it more. It's rather bitter herb. Thankfully, I only have to down one cup a day till we get a little closer to the due date.
A friend of mine is due about five weeks ahead of us, and she's going off the medicine to stop the contractions here pretty soon. Please be praying that her little boy would stay put until he gets to full term.

We're finally getting well around here, just holding on to our coughs for nostalgia's sake. It's been a long week. We've all had different germs attack us too. Here's hoping we can be back at church as a family again tonight.


  1. Thank you Lizbethy, for creating this happy, sunny little nook of cyberspace.

    1. It has been made sunnier by your presence.

  2. I enjoy reading the Pioneer Woman's blog too. Her style of writing is entertaining. I've been very frustrated trying to find maternity clothes to wear to church. I have a couple of long skirts and then just a few non-maternity dresses that I can pull off. Everything else I try on that is maternity is too short! Apparently pregnant women like to show off their thighs!

    1. I know what you mean! My church clothes rotation is pretty small....but since you're in sunny Florida, you might be able to find some good maxi dresses pretty soon. : )