Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cloudy Tuesday

February has been chock full of rain, storms and cloudy days, with only a very few lovely days thrown in to boost our spirits somewhat.
Hattie and I waited for it to rain all day yesterday and the storms didn't come till after dark. We did manage to have a very productive Monday in spite of it.

My little bloggity is nearing it's first birthday. :) But it will have to be three more years before we can celebrate it properly considering that it was begun on February 29th.

Want to see the baby bump? 36 weeks along. And here lately we've embarked upon the, "Oh girl, you're not going to make it {to your due date}" stage. It's kind of humbling.
BUT we did make it through last night's full moon without going into labor, so I reckon I can wait a few more weeks. Baby girl is sort of posterior and my right side is always full of feet and knees and elbows (sweet little appendages that they are).
I'm excited we're right on the cusp of March - Baby Month! I'm excited for spring time and flowers blooming in the sunshine, and even the clouds of pollen wafting around. I'm excited about my mother-in-law coming in a few weeks, and mostly that SOON we'll get to lay eyes on our precious daughter.
Thank you, LORD, for babies!
We're also excited to have several new babies added to our circle of family and friends in the coming months, and I can't wait to love on those little ones either!

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