Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I stayed home (and indoors) almost all day yesterday because I kept expecting it to rain. I'm thankful Emery talked me into taking a walk with them in the late afternoon sunshine. It never did bother to rain.

Today, however, has been glorious. We enjoyed a lovely hour outside this morning walking and chatting with friends. Hattie couldn't keep her seat in the stroller after the first lap, so we slowed down to a crawl while she pushed the stroller and worked hard at staying on the pavement.

After walks like these, and sometimes by the end of them, I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk at all by the evening, but the LORD has been good to me so far and I usually feel better for it, in spite of the temporary discomfort.

I can't stand overly sweet chocolate. The darker the better for me. I bought some chocolate chips that boasted being 42% cacao, and I tell you what, they are Way too sweet....and they almost have a honey-ish taste, and that doesn't float my boat either.
Thankfully, we have some good chocolate that does satisfy the craving quite nicely.
I wait till Hattie's napping to eat chocolate because I don't want to share.

I made lemon bars the other day. They were delish, but I zested my finger in the process of zesting the lemon, and that IS rather unseemly.

We've been living here a good while now, and I STILL haven't figured out why so many people use our street as a turnaround spot. I mean, it's a crazy-odd amount of people every day just turning around, and some of them do it so expertly it's like it's part of their daily routine. Why is that?

Know what? I love being able to say that the baby is due next month. It's so gratifying. The older folks at church don't often remember when the baby is supposed to come and I've received some startling comments like, "When are you headed to the hospital" and "Will you fit {through the door}?". Of course the pastor's "I'm going to need longer arms to hug you" takes the cake of things not to say to a pregnant woman (and that was THREE months ago).
I'm thankful I have a healthy sense of humor, otherwise tears might have ensued.

Oh! Hattie's sleeping is back to normal. Praise the Lord! She's getting in a solid 11hours at night and 1-2 hours at nap time, and I'm very thankful we've gotten through that bout of extra neediness at sleep-times.


  1. The turnaround people are one of the things I never liked about that house. It is really incovenient when you are trying to back up to leave and someone else is turning around in your driveway. The craziest thing is people getting stuck on the turnaround late at night and knocking on your door for help. Good to know that I'm not the only one that waits to bring out the good snacks while the kids are napping. :) A sense of humor is a good thing while pregnant....people say some of the darndest things. I pray you find comfort and rest in this last month.

  2. I LOVE dark chocolate! The other day we bought chocolate that said 98% cocoa, but I think that was a little TOO dark for me. hehe.

    The worst thing someone said to me while I was pregnant was by another pregnant woman. She had just found out she was pregnant and I was 25 weeks along. After inviting me to a pregnant people party, said said, "Oh! I'm pregnant too. You can't tell because I was skinny when I got pregnant." People are so silly :)