Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Nutrition and diet are complicated subjects. Everyone has a different opinion of what's "healthy". And of course, the plain fact is that what's healthy for me may not be for you.

We read an article some months ago about how people with gluten intolerance may also be having reactions to coffee and dairy products. While it's been a genuine struggle for Emery to give up dairy, he does feel better for it, and I'm thankful for progress. However, so many of my recipes were chock-full of dairy that I'm having to learn how to cook for my family all over again.

{I cannot manage to get enough protein without having dairy in my diet, so Hattie and I are still happily indulging. In this stage of life, I don't worry about fat or calories, I worry about hitting my 90g of protein...and there's another "it's healthy for me, but maybe not for you."}

Over the last several weeks, I've been trying to come up with meals that I could make ahead and freeze for those chaotic newborn days ahead. My earlier lists were full of lasagna and baked ziti, but as those aren't good for the family anymore, I've had to start afresh.
And what have I come up with, you ask? Well, after cooking up a storm yesterday, I've got a ham and egg casserole, two pans of baked oatmeal, a double batch of protein bars, and half a dozen applesauce muffins adorning my freezer.
Breakfast foods. All breakfast foods. I'll take what I can get. 
I was hoping to do more along the lines of dinner, but maybe I'll get some extra inspiration in that department soon.

You know what my other problem with freezer cooking is? It's the lack of instant gratification.
When Emery comes home and sees I've been cooking all afternoon, naturally, he's looking forward to reaping the benefits. But then it all gets whisked away into the freezer with little left for indulgence. That's not so fun, is it? Nope.

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  1. Freezer cooking is on my list of tasks for the next few weeks! It does seem like a lot of work for not much to show. Speaking of dairy, I've been watching the connection between my dairy intake and the severity of my allergies. I'm not sure there is a connection, but I'm documenting and finding out.