Friday, February 1, 2013

The conclusion of the Lizard Saga

I told Emery about the lizard situation after he arrived home last night. He laughed at my impression of the lizard sticking his head and half his body out from under the window, and then without hearing whether or not I had smushed the lizard to little lizard bits, he opened the window to see.
I did not smush him to bits, as it turned out, but only caught him just above the break away point on his tail, and he dangled from the window when Emery opened it. But with a little poking, and much wiggling on his part, he shed the tail and scurried away OUTSIDE (thank heaven).

I am glad I won't have to clean a lizard carcass out of my window sill when spring comes.

The lizard's buddy who was on the outside of the screen at the onset of all this commotion stayed there a moment too long, for just after I'd invited Hattie to come look at him, a rather fierce bluebird snatched him clean up and made a meal of him. It may have been slightly traumatizing for Hattie. She did say 'bird' several times over after the incident....nothing like seeing the food chain in action for educational experience.

Do you remember the play stove we made for Hattie back in August? You can see the post about it here. It was lovely in the height of it's glory, but that lasted all of five minutes. The rest of the stove has been well loved since that time, but Hattie decided today was the day to rip as much of the construction paper off as she possibly could. Now we have a poor, mutilated diaper box with shred of green here and there where the glue was stronger than her will. I held the grocery sack for her to put the torn off pieces in, and Miss Determination probably spend 45 minutes at tearing the paper this morning. I'm not sure whether to keep the thing or throw it away.
I think it's been a winning situation overall. I had fun making it. She had fun tearing it up, and had six months of play with it meanwhile.

Know what? I decided not to even ask Emery to move the boxes for my paint brushes yesterday. And I painted my letters with a Q-tip. They happen to be made of paper/cardboard, so that made it easier and I just had to apply a few coats of paint. I don't think I would have had the patience to paint them with a Q-tip had they been wood. I finished them this morning and am quite pleased. I was tempted to do polka-dots or a chevron stripe on them, but Emery wisely told me to leave them alone and that he liked them just as they were.
I like that man.

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