Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Recap

Sometimes when I'm laying in bed, I mentally blog. The problem is I rarely remember everything I thought of while on the verge of sleep.
My Valentine's post was one of these. The title "It's easy loving you"...the content, other than how much I love and appreciate my family, I don't really know.

We DID have a lovely Valentine's Day. I used my grandmother's china for the first time and tried my hand at gluten-free rolls to go with our spaghetti. {The rolls turned out fabulous, by the way, but as with all gluten-free items, they weren't really worth eating the next day.} Hattie and I had decorated the dining room with hearts and red/white paper chains. It was festive and fun, and I wouldn't have changed it a bit.

One of the things I love about Emery is how flexible he is and how graciously he deals with my changeable-ness like it's nothing at all.
On Thursday night, he asked me if I wanted to go to GA for the weekend (my Pawpaw was in the hospital at the time), and I replied that I didn't unless it was really necessary. And then Friday morning, before the dear man had even had a chance to be at work an hour, I call him asking about making the trip I had declined the night before. Without so much as a murmur or complaint, he says that he'll work till 9am and then we'll head out for GA.
Did I mention that I love him?
The usual, last-minute scurrying to pack for the weekend ensued, and thankfully all the laundry was caught-up and there wasn't any need to lug dirty clothes all the way to Georgia.
We found Pawpaw much better than we expected, and in very good spirits. He was even able to make to church on Sunday. :)
We got to visit with lots of family, and in spite of the exhaustion that comes with travel (especially at 35weeks pregnant!), we had a peaceful and very enjoyable time.

Speaking of being pregnant, only FIVE more weeks! Hallelu - as Hattie would say.

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  1. So cute! When I used to blog a lot I used to also blog in my head every time I came across something interesting lol. I'm glad you guys had a lovely Valentine's Day!