Friday, March 8, 2013

These days....

These days I'm so clumsy that if I happen to be pregnant for another four weeks (heaven forbid!), we probably won't have a single glass remaining in our cabinet.

And my arsenal of shirts long enough to cover my belly is dangerously low.

And I'm so forgetful that half and hour after telling Emery I want to keep Hattie off of dairy for a while so she can get rid of her lingering congestion, I offer her milk with dinner. Oye.
    --->I did write in big letters on our dry erase board not to have any dairy today though, and so far we've stuck to it. However, without the dairy I'm very certain I won't achieve my protein goals for the day...because I can't seem to remember how get hardly any protein without dairy.

And my OB said that he was going to be out of town all next week, which just adds one more layer of complication to the potential of having this baby next week, so I guess I'll wait. Or she'll wait. Or both.

I decided that having a baby is kind of like being engaged. The longer the engagement, the more you'll spend on the wedding (in my observations); similarly, the more impatient one gets about having a baby, the more money she'll spend while she waits.
Pedicure. Big sister kit. Spring decor....nothing we really need, but that I still want.

Hattie has been growing so much lately and has started saying little sentences. She also talks more about what she's thinking rather than just talking about her surroundings. Her friends from church come up very regularly. "John. Pyles. <giggle>. Friend." "Da-vid. Preach." And our family members, especially those we get to skype with, get talked about often too.
She can sing her do-re-mi's and knows most of her shapes....I guess we could have her reading the shape notes if we put our minds to it. :)

Children have such beautiful minds. I love to listen to how they associate things and have such a fresh perspective on everything surrounding them. I love that Hattie and I can ride down the road and be as excited about tractors, planes, trains, and fed-ex trucks as we are about our destination. I love how she stops and listens to the dogs bark down the street or the car horns or sirens. I love to see who she chooses to wave to as we run errands (usually older black ladies).
I love being a mama. Thank you, LORD, for giving me such an inestimable gift. And please help me to be patient as we await the arrival of our newest addition.

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