Friday, April 19, 2013

Time to Think

I've been wanting to blog a little for a while. But you know life, and especially life with a newborn and a toddler...I don't often have any hands free to type.
I wouldn't change it a bit though.

Hattie learned to sing most of the words to "You are my Sunshine" this week. It makes my face hurt from smiling. And when she says, "Baby Dele, She's precious." I'm a melted heart mama.

Adele is a growing little thing. I can't believe we've been able to hold her in our arms for almost a whole month. She's running out of room for her toes in her newborn sleepers. :)

I love how infants look so relaxed when they sleep. Their arms tell the story. Out and up near the head, yeah, that's Good sleeping.

Are Clif Bars a food group? They have been for me the over the last month, especially when I get convicted about my protein intake for the day (um, or caloric intake for the day).

My brother graduates law school next month. A law degree is the equivalent of having one's doctorate, but instead of getting to be Dr. Jon, he just gets to be Jon, esq.  Which is still thoroughly cool, and I'm extra proud of his accomplishments.
Both of my brothers are extra cool, I've always thought so. And watching them raise their children confirms it altogether.
{I've got some pretty cool brothers-in-law too.}

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