Monday, May 20, 2013

Coastal Dreams

Beach Day 2013...

Oh, it was glorious to get out on the beach for an hour or so on Saturday!! A friend of Emery's was getting married that afternoon, and I was more than happy for an excuse to be down on the coast, even just for the day.
I think I wouldn't mind living on the coast. Morning walks on the beach and the salt air are so positively rejuvenating.
Hattie thought the water too cold and didn't play in it. I thought the water was just right for sticking your feet in, but they were working on the port nearby and it was so murky I certainly wouldn't have wanted to go any deeper. Hattie did enjoy playing in the sand, and Emery was such a dear to bring her many cups of water for building.
There was a splash park and playground nearby that we thought Hattie might enjoy, but she wanted none of the water and only the swings and slides. She's a predictable little thing, nothing sudden or startling will do.

The wedding was nice, though the wife submitting to the husband was nowhere mentioned, and I hope that doesn't bode ill for the marriage.

We were thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home that night.
It was worth it.
Hattie truly relishes getting home after a trip and runs down the hall laughing in delight (maybe it's more that she's just out of the car?).

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