Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colliding Romance

Four years ago this week, my brother married his high school sweetheart. The weekend of their wedding was also the first I'd gotten to be around my dear Emery since we began writing four months prior. We wrote as friends, to get to know each other, to see if we were interested in pursuing a relationship, and that wedding marked the shift from being 'just friends' to 'courting' (though that was never said officially).
I lived in Maryland. He lived in Mississippi. Seeing each other with any regularity was borderline impossible, but the LORD opened the doors for me to be able to attend Camp Moriah that June -- from which he lived only a few miles away, and he could come to Camp in the evenings after work.
The heat index was 113 degrees that year, and I suppose we had the opportunity to see each other at our least attractive and smelliest states. One afternoon during the week of camp, Emery took me on our very first date, to "Burgers and Stuff" for ice cream. :)
In July, Emery made a trip to GA to talk to my dad. He didn't know he was going the weekend of the family reunion, but even after spending the day with my extended family, he was still willing to ask to marry me. And two weeks later he was on a plane to Baltimore with a ring in his pocket.
And a mere seven weeks from our engagement, we said "I do".

I wouldn't have had it any other way. Fast? yes. Whirlwind? yep. Man of my dreams? Completely.
Engagement picture. Sweltering that day, too.

I'll never forget the surprise from my church family at Mt. Carmel when Brother Steven announced that he was glad to see "Sister Elizabeth's fiance, Emery"...I think there was an audible gasp. I'm sure for them it WAS very sudden for me to be engaged to a man they'd never even seen before.

So, many thanks to Jon and Meagan for getting married and giving Emery and I an occasion to get to know each other in person. :)

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  1. How sweet! I love thinking back to when Chris and started dating and our engagement. It's fun to hear about others and feel like you can relive the moments.