Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There and Back again by Not Bilbo Baggins

Traveling is alluring. Exploring new places, meeting new people.

But y'all, the getting there wears. me. out.

Nevertheless, we try to do our duty, and trek to see both of our families a few times a year. This past weekend we headed to Georgia questioning whether we were being good parents by bringing our sort of sick child to be around everyone else, but the glaring fact was that if we didn't go then, it would be Christmas before we'd see everyone. And that wouldn't do at all.
With boogie wipes packed, off we went. Emery did all the driving and I did the twist and shout, minus the shout...though by the time we arrived I may have groaned a bit from all the twisting to tend to the children. The perk of having two children in the car is that you have to twist both directions and so at least your stiffness is balanced, rather than being all on one side of your back/neck.

Hattie and her dear cousin Elliott played together for the first time this weekend, instead of just playing near each other. That was so much fun to watch. Elliott is big and likes to play rough with his daddy, but he was the perfect gentlemen with Hattie, and was always the one to take the fall in their game of tag. Sweet boy.

We saw family, visited a little, and tried to catch as many naps as the girls would take. And then rose up early Tuesday to make it back home in time for Adele's pediatrician appt that afternoon.

Speaking of, my little lady is in the 90% for length, and 75% for weight and head circumference. You grow, baby!
The two-month appointment is supposed to be chock-full of vaccines, and I was pleasantly surprised that no one had a hissy fit when I declined them. Hallelujah. I hate confrontation.
I had a great reason in my back pocket should I need to whip it out in defense, but I ended up politely sharing with the Dr how vaccines can overstimulate the immune system and trigger autoimmune disorders, which our family already has a history of, and which I would like to avoid if possible in my children. 

{I SO appreciate having a reason not to vaccinate that has nothing to do with the mercury/autism discussion and is scientifically sound.}

With traveling and dr visits behind us we can get on with this Monday of a Wednesday. I'm sure I'll be struggling to figure out what day it is ALL week.

P.S. I love being home.

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