Friday, June 14, 2013


I guess I was kidding myself when I thought June was going to laid back and we'd be home most the time. Because it hasn't been happening. And it won't be happening, but that's okay.

I've had a few blog post topics float through my head, but we've been so busy that they've floated right out again without ever coming to fruition.
{fruition is such a good word. it's right up there with fraught.} Just now, I couldn't tell if I'd typed a comma or a period because our monitor was decorated in pencil by someone who shall remain nameless. (Starts with an H- and ends with an -attie).

Camp Moriah is coming up next week. Hattie and I went last year (which you can read about here), and this year is pretty much the same. If you'd asked me yesterday morning whether we were going, I would have said "no", and by yesterday evening the Red Sea had parted and all the right doors opened, and so away we'll go. The thought of packing myself and two babies for camp was pretty overwhelming at first, but now that today's here we're just packing up ship-shape and it'll be great.
This year's theme is Revival. It's going to be powerful, I'm certain.

Hattie enjoyed her third singing school this week. Her very first one was when she was a wee babe about Adele's age, and Adele has gotten her first taste of singing school too - though she slept through most of it. I love that toddlers can sing a scale as well as anyone and make a wonderful, joyful noise unto the Lord. Hattie sings with gusto these days, and it warms my little heart to hear her.

Can someone please tell me how June is halfway over? And Father's day is THIS weekend?
It's flown by.

Folks on the radio said not to get the dads in your life ties or cologne or #1 Dad mugs. That pretty much takes care of everything I was thinking. Actually, no. I picked him out a tie clip in May that he needed and has been wearing, but you'd better believe it's going straight back in the box to be opened again on Sunday morning. I'm thinking I'll do extra big meals all weekend...partially to apologize for the fact that the girls and I will be gone most of the next week and he'll have to fend for himself.
But Y'all, Emery IS the best daddy. No contest. I'm so thankful for that man.

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