Monday, June 3, 2013

Reactions and Gradual Exposure.

I try to be very aware of how I react to situations these days because my little sponge of a toddler is absorbing every word.

Friday night at OEC (our FAVORITE Japanese restaurant), I very ungracefully knocked my glass of water over into my lap. That 10oz of ice water felt like a gallon, and I was Soaked.
The coldness was shocking. And the laughing teenagers nearby were irritating......but there was my sweet baby watching every moment, and what was important to me right then was showing her a smile in spite of a rather unfavorable situation.

My younger self would have been steaming mad at being laughed at, and I would have silently sulked the rest of the meal. I'm thankful I'm not that person anymore.
I'm thankful to realize there are bigger priorities than my foolish pride at stake.

Appropriate reactions are kind of huge.
Like our reaction to sin needs to be one of abhorrence, rather than the more typical, "Oh, that's not SO bad."

Pintrest makes it easy to be exposed to unsavory language and thoroughly immodest clothing. That language gets into your mind whether you intend to use it or not, and the more exposure you have to it, the more likely it will come out of your mouth. Likewise, as you see more and more exposing outfits, the less you think how immodest they are. And suddenly, the shorts that you used to think were too short to ever wear become tolerable.

Gradual exposure is one of Satan's devices. We become numb to what used to shock us when exposed gradually over time, and a numb Christian is useless in the Kingdom.

Lord, help us to be shocked by sin and flee from it!

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