Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Addictions are hard to break.

Today, we kicked the pacifier habit for Hattie. She knows in her mind that they're broken and in the trash can, but it doesn't stop her from asking for it. Nap time was nonexistent today. Red, puffy eyes and a mouth that just keeps talking -- without her 'stopper' to slow her down a little.
Maybe tonight will be better and maybe tomorrow will be too, but today felt like if Emery happened to arrive in the midst of several moments, he would be walking into a Pandora's Box.

This summer has held many transitions for Hattie. She started by cutting some molars and needing something to chew on, the paci was a natural was that or the flip-flops, and the paci was certainly more desirable. What was an aid for sleep times and church became a crutch almost 24/7.
And then we started potty training. I don't know much, but it didn't seem right to take away the paci and expect her to do well in the potty training all at the same time; so we waited a while longer.

It's been a gradual process this week. Throwing away a broken (ahem, cut) pacifier here, and another one there. We had five to get through, and the last went in the trash today. Lord willing, she'll get some sleep tonight without wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In other news, we spun doughnuts in the living room this morning. Hattie in the front of our double stroller, we span around and around and around. And it made me laugh.

I got my hair cut short last week. Hattie asks me almost every day if I got a hair cut. I'm enjoying it being short enough that chubby fingers can't get too entwined, and it's much less likely to get an application of spit-up at this length, too - and that IS a good thing.

German Chocolate Cake. From scratch, gluten free, no was a dream cake. So soft and fluffy, the antithesis of all heavy gluten free cakes. I usually shun recipes that require me to dirty so many bowls (like mac'n'cheese), but oh, it was very worth the effort. You should make one too, and if you don't do the icing, it doesn't seem nearly as sinful to eat it for breakfast. In fact, I didn't feel bad about it at all.

Sweet Adele is a ticklish little thing. Her laugh is a delight. And her bangs, it's a good thing her hair is growing fast. :) Emery said they looked like something from the 60's. Ha. He's right.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I haven't been a very faithful blogger these days. {Obviously.} Confession: I don't mind that fact because being faithful in other things -- namely potty training and breastfeeding -- trump frequently updating my corner of the internet.


We made a quick trip to Memphis this weekend. It's always fun to ride through the old stomping ground. While we were reminded that we certainly do no miss the city all that much, we do miss our good friends and kindred spirits (Race of Joseph) and our church family there. It was a joy to reconnect and fellowship over the course of the weekend.

At the mature age of four months, Adele had her first hair cut today. Bangs, sort of. I had to get the hair out of her eyes, but she wasn't keen on me using the comb to get it nice and straight, so it was a free-hand hair cut...and I'm sure it looks precisely that way.
Hattie didn't have to have a hair cut until she was six months old. If we continue at the same rate, babies number four might need a hair cut at birth. ha. Think of it.

Hattie did fabulously on our little road trip. I was so nervous (foolishly), but the LORD answered prayers for clean restrooms and for her to be able to hold her bladder until we could stop. In fact, she didn't have any accidents at all. Champion potty-trainer, I'm telling you.

Emery said the other day, he felt like July had been a month of Mondays. I think I agree. And I'm glad there aren't any more Mondays left in this month. My brother is taking the bar exam today and tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be glad when this month is over, too.

Onward to August.

Monday, July 22, 2013

We made it through the weekend!

Admittedly, I was tired of the potty training thing at the time of my last post. The culprit was the juice. For some reason, juice makes my child unable to hold her bladder....but leave off the juice and WHAM, she's got this potty thing down pat. I mean, I still take her to the potty like every hour or so, and we do naps with a "just in case" diaper over  her bloomers, but she's a champion and wakes up dry. :)
I'm  proud mama.

You know, parenting is humbling. Majorly. And I thought I'd be embarrassed to carry a potty seat in my bag to church, but I wasn't at all. My skinny baby not falling into a big toilet is way more important than my pride.

On a different note, we tried our hand at healthy cookies this morning. Peanut butter, flax, stevia, and chocolate (and an egg, baking soda and vanilla), and they weren't bad. They tasted healthy and reminded me of something I couldn't put my finger on, but maybe Emery can figure it out when he gets home. I may have put too much stevia; a scant 1/4tsp may have been too much for the situation, but I was guessing altogether.
Do you bake with stevia? We mostly make tea with it.

How is July almost over? These months are going too quick. Little Bit turns FOUR months old this week. How can that be?!?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Whew, potty training.

I've been nervous. Hattie has been asking to sit on the potty now and then for months, but I haven't been mentally prepared enough to really get started....I'm not sure if you're ever prepared enough. But today we began our journey. Hattie did really well in the morning and through nap time. Staying nice and dry in her big girl panties, 'bloomers' - as she refers to them. The last hour has held two accidents, and I'm losing a little courage, but I feel confident that she's ready, so we'll press on.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did it again

I started off my Monday with two items on my list, granted, the first was laundry and that would take all day.....but by bedtime I was furiously scribbling items on my list that had already been done and NEEDED to be checked off.
Checking things off a list is so gratifying, even if they weren't on the list when you did them.

We had tuna salad and salad for dinner. And all I felt when we finished eating was: still hungry. Need something fattening. Need more calories.
So we had brownies. Which was a nice treat and change, I've been forgetting about how yummy brownies are and haven't made them in a quarter of an age. Calorie intake, fulfilled.

Adele is responsible for consuming quite a bit of my calories - she takes that job very seriously, as her rolls will attest - and it won't do for mama to be hungry!

I'm thankful the baby weight has started slipping off the last few weeks. Seems like the first three months, the only thing I lose is the actual baby weight (approx 13lbs of baby, placenta, and fluid)....and it's ever so nice to be able to wear some non-maternity clothes more and more. Funny how it's so exciting to get out the maternity stuff when you're expecting, but it's not so fun to keep wearing it and keep wearing it and keep wearing it after the baby is born.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 8, 2013


We got home the other day, and while I mentally blogged about how lovely it is to be home after being on the road, the reality was that our computer's keyboard seemed to be kaput. And from that point, I couldn't get past how ridiculous it was to have a laptop whose monitor and keyboard wouldn't function.
Thankfully, a few restarts later, all was well again, and I can begin to tell you about how nice it is to be home....even with the laundry and suitcases exploded everywhere, I love it. We had a good trip, saw lots of family, and took much longer driving than we would have before children, but exhaustion had surely set way before we reached home.

I had a birthday while we were away. I've ended a lot of sentences with, "...because it's my birthday {week}". I like birthdays. I like that this was the first one I've celebrated with Adele, though she probably didn't care much. I like feeling my heart almost over-full with love for family and friends.