Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Addictions are hard to break.

Today, we kicked the pacifier habit for Hattie. She knows in her mind that they're broken and in the trash can, but it doesn't stop her from asking for it. Nap time was nonexistent today. Red, puffy eyes and a mouth that just keeps talking -- without her 'stopper' to slow her down a little.
Maybe tonight will be better and maybe tomorrow will be too, but today felt like if Emery happened to arrive in the midst of several moments, he would be walking into a Pandora's Box.

This summer has held many transitions for Hattie. She started by cutting some molars and needing something to chew on, the paci was a natural was that or the flip-flops, and the paci was certainly more desirable. What was an aid for sleep times and church became a crutch almost 24/7.
And then we started potty training. I don't know much, but it didn't seem right to take away the paci and expect her to do well in the potty training all at the same time; so we waited a while longer.

It's been a gradual process this week. Throwing away a broken (ahem, cut) pacifier here, and another one there. We had five to get through, and the last went in the trash today. Lord willing, she'll get some sleep tonight without wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In other news, we spun doughnuts in the living room this morning. Hattie in the front of our double stroller, we span around and around and around. And it made me laugh.

I got my hair cut short last week. Hattie asks me almost every day if I got a hair cut. I'm enjoying it being short enough that chubby fingers can't get too entwined, and it's much less likely to get an application of spit-up at this length, too - and that IS a good thing.

German Chocolate Cake. From scratch, gluten free, no was a dream cake. So soft and fluffy, the antithesis of all heavy gluten free cakes. I usually shun recipes that require me to dirty so many bowls (like mac'n'cheese), but oh, it was very worth the effort. You should make one too, and if you don't do the icing, it doesn't seem nearly as sinful to eat it for breakfast. In fact, I didn't feel bad about it at all.

Sweet Adele is a ticklish little thing. Her laugh is a delight. And her bangs, it's a good thing her hair is growing fast. :) Emery said they looked like something from the 60's. Ha. He's right.


  1. Post a pic of your haircut!! And we sure do miss y'all!! Love you!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing...would love to see Adele's haircut and yours too! Glad things are going well with the potty training too!

  3. It's a big summer for Hattie (and you)! Evelyn decided to kick her own pacifier habit a few weeks ago, which is completely fine with me! I would LOVE to see a picture of your hair. I've contemplated going short a time or two, usually while it's being tugged and pulled.