Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did it again

I started off my Monday with two items on my list, granted, the first was laundry and that would take all day.....but by bedtime I was furiously scribbling items on my list that had already been done and NEEDED to be checked off.
Checking things off a list is so gratifying, even if they weren't on the list when you did them.

We had tuna salad and salad for dinner. And all I felt when we finished eating was: still hungry. Need something fattening. Need more calories.
So we had brownies. Which was a nice treat and change, I've been forgetting about how yummy brownies are and haven't made them in a quarter of an age. Calorie intake, fulfilled.

Adele is responsible for consuming quite a bit of my calories - she takes that job very seriously, as her rolls will attest - and it won't do for mama to be hungry!

I'm thankful the baby weight has started slipping off the last few weeks. Seems like the first three months, the only thing I lose is the actual baby weight (approx 13lbs of baby, placenta, and fluid)....and it's ever so nice to be able to wear some non-maternity clothes more and more. Funny how it's so exciting to get out the maternity stuff when you're expecting, but it's not so fun to keep wearing it and keep wearing it and keep wearing it after the baby is born.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I sometimes even go as far as to write out what I've done a day or two ago, just to be able to cross it off! The visual makes me feel so much better when I feel like I'm not getting much accomplished.