Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I haven't been a very faithful blogger these days. {Obviously.} Confession: I don't mind that fact because being faithful in other things -- namely potty training and breastfeeding -- trump frequently updating my corner of the internet.


We made a quick trip to Memphis this weekend. It's always fun to ride through the old stomping ground. While we were reminded that we certainly do no miss the city all that much, we do miss our good friends and kindred spirits (Race of Joseph) and our church family there. It was a joy to reconnect and fellowship over the course of the weekend.

At the mature age of four months, Adele had her first hair cut today. Bangs, sort of. I had to get the hair out of her eyes, but she wasn't keen on me using the comb to get it nice and straight, so it was a free-hand hair cut...and I'm sure it looks precisely that way.
Hattie didn't have to have a hair cut until she was six months old. If we continue at the same rate, babies number four might need a hair cut at birth. ha. Think of it.

Hattie did fabulously on our little road trip. I was so nervous (foolishly), but the LORD answered prayers for clean restrooms and for her to be able to hold her bladder until we could stop. In fact, she didn't have any accidents at all. Champion potty-trainer, I'm telling you.

Emery said the other day, he felt like July had been a month of Mondays. I think I agree. And I'm glad there aren't any more Mondays left in this month. My brother is taking the bar exam today and tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be glad when this month is over, too.

Onward to August.

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