Monday, July 8, 2013


We got home the other day, and while I mentally blogged about how lovely it is to be home after being on the road, the reality was that our computer's keyboard seemed to be kaput. And from that point, I couldn't get past how ridiculous it was to have a laptop whose monitor and keyboard wouldn't function.
Thankfully, a few restarts later, all was well again, and I can begin to tell you about how nice it is to be home....even with the laundry and suitcases exploded everywhere, I love it. We had a good trip, saw lots of family, and took much longer driving than we would have before children, but exhaustion had surely set way before we reached home.

I had a birthday while we were away. I've ended a lot of sentences with, "...because it's my birthday {week}". I like birthdays. I like that this was the first one I've celebrated with Adele, though she probably didn't care much. I like feeling my heart almost over-full with love for family and friends.

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