Monday, July 22, 2013

We made it through the weekend!

Admittedly, I was tired of the potty training thing at the time of my last post. The culprit was the juice. For some reason, juice makes my child unable to hold her bladder....but leave off the juice and WHAM, she's got this potty thing down pat. I mean, I still take her to the potty like every hour or so, and we do naps with a "just in case" diaper over  her bloomers, but she's a champion and wakes up dry. :)
I'm  proud mama.

You know, parenting is humbling. Majorly. And I thought I'd be embarrassed to carry a potty seat in my bag to church, but I wasn't at all. My skinny baby not falling into a big toilet is way more important than my pride.

On a different note, we tried our hand at healthy cookies this morning. Peanut butter, flax, stevia, and chocolate (and an egg, baking soda and vanilla), and they weren't bad. They tasted healthy and reminded me of something I couldn't put my finger on, but maybe Emery can figure it out when he gets home. I may have put too much stevia; a scant 1/4tsp may have been too much for the situation, but I was guessing altogether.
Do you bake with stevia? We mostly make tea with it.

How is July almost over? These months are going too quick. Little Bit turns FOUR months old this week. How can that be?!?

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