Thursday, August 15, 2013

Liberation from the diaper bag

I've been liberated.
I wasn't sure it would happen. I didn't dream that it would.
But of a truth, I have graduated to my smaller purse, and what a glorious feeling it is.

I do love my diaper bags, aesthetically speaking. But one does tire of lugging around such a load, and especially if things are prone to fall out when you reach down to grab something. And we bought and fold-and-go potty seat for Hattie, so that fits in my bag MUCH better than its predecessor.

It's a small triumph, but it gladdens my day considerably.

......and yet it feels so insignificant to even type such a post after I've just read the blog of a friend whose baby boy just underwent cardiac surgery. So many people are bearing such heavy burdens, and I almost feel guilty that my little family is so happy and carefree at the moment. But we serve a God of joy; joy that goes beyond the circumstances of life, joy that is rooted in Christ.
I read the other day, "Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ."

So, I'll be joyful in my situations, and I'll pray for those in the midst of the valleys, that they may find joy in the God of their salvation, however hard their path may be.

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  1. What!?! How in the world do you function without a diaper bag? Mine is packed full.....must be a new mom thing! :)