Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Moonflowers

 For some reason unbeknownst to me, we decided to plant moon flower seeds in the spring. The idea sounded charming and alluring, and maybe even romantic...however the real facts of the matter are that the girls go to bed early and we don't linger around ourselves. Consequently, last night was the very first night we've seen it bloom. The flowers were stunning, and had there been a nice, bright moon shining on them, the effect would have been sublime, but I was satisfied to have at least seen them bloom once. Who knows, maybe I'll take a wild hair and starting staying up with the very intention of seeing my flowers bloom....I wouldn't bet on it though.

 Our little five month old baby has learned to sit up by herself lately. Her balance is improving quickly and she's catching herself from falling over more and more. How is she to this stage already?!?

Hattie really enjoys reading her "Bible". We've been doing catechism questions with her for about a month, and I watching her little heart and mind be filled with the truths of the Bible.

 Hattie's new booster is the one we bought at the consignment sale. I'm excited that Adele is big enough to sit in the other booster and be at the table with us during meals. It was always a little frustrating that she had to be way down on the floor while we were eating; now it feels like she's more included, and I like that.

And here is our two-going-on-six year old. She looked so grown up this day. :)

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  1. Beautiful flowers! And Hattie does look so grown up in the overall picture!