Friday, August 23, 2013

Toxic Food

We hear a lot of talk these days about products being "non-toxic".....which I guess is one way of saying that it's okay for your child to chew on/drink from this. And I'm for making sure there isn't lead in the paint on toys or BPA in the plastic, but I think a large part of the way we, as Americans, eat should be labled toxic.

And it's killing us, and wreaking havoc on our kids. The poor youth of today have to struggle with taking x,y and z pharmaceutical to just be able to sit still, when so much, SO MUCH, could (and should) be helped by being mindful of what goes into their little bodies.

Red 40, High Fructose Corn Syrup, All number of preservatives. Filler and chemicals. Oye.

You probably knew we're gluten free. Almost a year ago, we learned that dairy and coffee can be cross reactors for people with gluten sensitivity....which is to say they can trigger the same reactions as wheat. So Emery went off dairy and coffee, and he felt better. We took Hattie off of wheat all together, and almost immediately, she started growing by leaps and bounds. I'm thinking that dairy is starting to give her trouble too, and here on her first day of me being purposeful in not giving her any cheese (a great love in her life), she's doing so much better. And she's been asleep for two hours. Ask me when she's napped for two hours? I haven't any idea; a long, long time.

It's not just belly aches. It's tantrums and set backs in potty training, and you could see in Hattie's face that she didn't want to be standing in a puddle. And that makes a mama's heart hurt.

I believe in real food.

But I hope I never become the mother who looks down her nose at someone else over a food choice.
"Oh, my child can't eat that."
I hope I can speak with grace about what's healthiest for my child and family.

...because these precious ones are my responsibility, and I believe feeding them well is an investment in their health for the rest of their lives.
Pay the grocer now or pay the doctor later.

I wasn't raised this way. It hasn't come easily. I still sometimes let my eyes linger on the Little Debbie snack cake section, knowing full well how tasty they might be. But my conscience gets the better of me, and I keep moving.
When I was in college, I -admittedly- didn't know much about nutrition and I really tried to weigh whether it was better to buy apples or a box of cookies, if each were the same price. To me it was all about calories....I needed to get the most calories for the money. (Which is why I bought honey-buns from the vending machine in high school at times, because it was really all about the calories to me.) Marrying Emery settled that decision for me, thankfully. I had to learn to cook gluten free, and of course, all of the processed foods were immediately scratched off the list.
I really do thank the LORD that my internal debate was answered in my husband. Really.
And the longer we've walked together, the more I've learned about being healthy and being healthy is important because we're called to be good stewards of what we've been given.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and I completely agree! I've recently become more convicted to stay focused on eating real food and less (ideally no) processed foods. We're still a long way from achieving that goal, but we're taking baby steps. I am a firm believe in what we put in our body directly affects how we feel, look, act, etc. I've been trying to buy mostly organic fruits and vegetables, some organic meats, and slowly becoming gluten-free. And you know what, it's not that difficult.

    Last week while visiting my family, I let myself eat a lot of junk. Wouldn't you know that just a couple days after coming home, I came down with a cold. Now did the junk cause the cold? No. But I believe it weakened my immune system so that I wasn't able to fight off the germs that I came in contact with while traveling in the airport.

    And I so much love your statement about being able to speak with grace about making decision that are healthy for your family. That's difficult. I often get frustrated from the snarky comments or jokes people often make when someone chooses a healthier path. That frustration then causes me to react with snarky comments back.

    I'm anxious to hear the differences you see in Hattie. The small changes you're already seeing are amazing.

    (Sorry for the blog post within my comment.)