Friday, September 20, 2013

Pause to think. Pause to thank.

I read a few blogs. Less than half a dozen. Three of the bloggers I don't know at all, except for what they blog, of course.
And in the last month, I've found myself praying for these ladies because they're confused and I want God to reveal himself to them. In the midst of praying for them, it feels a little odd because I don't know them and sometimes all I can remember is their blog titles instead of their names......but I know God knows who I mean.

The confusion and/or lack of appreciation for God's design and His word makes me tremendously sad.
 I want to shout out about the God of the Bible, but I'm timid and fearful, and I take it to God; He'll do the work anyway, if it's in His will.

But it also makes me SO SO SO thankful that I know who I am in Christ. I don't wonder. I know that no matter how far short I fall, God gave his only Son for ME, and he forgives me and gives grace to try again (and again and again).
I don't have to perfect because I serve a perfect God.

Thank you, Lord.

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