Monday, September 30, 2013


I think I bake more than average. The rate in which I empty a bottle of vanilla testifies to this.

I didn't expect to keep baking after I married my gluten- free man, but I didn't know that gluten-free baking was possible and can yield enjoyable results.
And then we went dairy -free, and yet another adjustment to my cooking methods was needed. Being dairy-free is a little more painful than being gluten- free. The other night we managed to create a mock pasta alfredo. And I was elated. Shell pasta goes so nicely with cream sauce.

Perusing the internet this morning for a recipe that suited my fancy, I stumbled across these Spiced Carrot Muffins. I used maple syrup for the sugar, halved the recipe, and used GF flour (of course), and they were DELISH.
Like really.
Like maybe I'll make these again for Emery's birthday. They don't even taste healthy! Bonus!

You should make some too.

In other news, we bought Honda van the other day. It's a joy to have. But it's very hard for me to want to stay home and save money now that we have a second vehicle that I can jump in and go buy stuff!
Do you remember that Rich Mullins song? "The STUFF of earth competes for the allegiance, I owe only to the giver of all good things."

Happy Monday little bloggity. Happy October Tomorrow!

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  1. So glad you liked the muffins! Thanks for sharing!