Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Park

We went to the park on Saturday. It was so lovely and fall-like. I got sunburnt without thinking for an instant about over-exposure.
I sat on a bench with Adele while Hattie and Emery played. An expectant woman sat down beside me. I asked when she was due, and before I knew it, we were knee deep in conversation about - what else? - babies.
She had a happy smile and a ready laugh.
We talked on and on about potty training, child birth, and many things in between. I knew her children's names and she knew mine, and yet when we got up to leave, I realized I had never asked her what her own name was. Funny how that happens.
We laughed like old friends and never even knew each others' names.

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  1. Strange how this happens all too often with me. I'm glad you enjoyed a nice visit together.