Friday, October 25, 2013

Pleasing to the eyes.

Friday. October 25th.

The world is still plenty green here in Mississippi, though there are some noticeable shifts towards...brown.
We revelled in a little color on our last trip to Kentucky, so that will have to suffice us for this season.

This week we've made pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice lattes (just one, actually), and this morning, pumpkin pancakes. The pancakes have been my favorite thus far. If you closed your eyes and chewed slowly, you could pretend it was pumpkin pie instead, and I enjoyed that.

My brother has been waiting for this day for three months. The results from the bar exam are to be posted today. Only one. more. hour. of waiting!

We have company coming next week. My home thrives on the prospect of company. Linen clothes get re-organized. Window sills get cleaned. It's delightful. And then, more than just the pleasure of a clean house, the company really does come, and it's so cozy and fun to have folks stay at one's house!

I can't believe I've made it to just a week out from people coming and I still don't really know what I'll cook. In my defense, I don't know for sure how many we'll have at mealtime, but I need to get my thinking cap on.

I had an impossible ache to go shopping today. The girls and I loaded up and set out with a very frugal mindset. I don't have money to burn, but sometimes just looking helps my feelings. We looked at three stores, found the right size picture frame at Michael's and came home. Michael's is such a satisfying store. They also had some beautiful wrapping paper for nice and cheap, so I bought two of those.
The truth is, the last time we went to Michael's we bough Christmas presents for all the family (CLEARANCE RACK!!) , and I wrapped those babies up the very next day. It's been fun having a closet full of wrapped gifts to gaze upon. I suppose when Christmas does come, I'll get to be just as surprised at everyone else at the gifts because I only very generally remember what I wrapped as it is. All that to say, I don't know exactly that I'll need anymore paper this year, but was so pretty, I'm sure I'll like just looking at it on the roll.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Parenting a two year old... tough. Seriously.

But when she's not throwing a fit, she's the sweetest, most lovable little person.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


We were out of town this weekend.
We got home Tuesday night, rendering Wednesday to feel thoroughly like Monday. Accordingly, today is feeling like Tuesday.

I guess all I need is a little day-light savings time to complete the wackiness. {Is that a word?}

The girls and I went to Big Lots and Kroger this morning. It was actually the first time I've attempted multiple stores on my own (since we got our van a month or so ago). The girls were fabulous, and saved their out-of-sortedness till we got home - which I much appreciated.
I like Big Lots.
I like that sometimes I can find "Enjoy Life" cookies for two dollars a box. I like that so much that I bought six boxes and tucked them away neatly in the closet...after opening and eating the majority of one with Hattie at lunch. So make that five in the closet for a rainy day or craving day or whatever.
Kroger also had a very tempting jug of Honey-crisp apple cider which I tried to refuse, but couldn't. Honey-crisp apples are nearly the only ones I'll bother with eating. They're SO delicious, and to have cider from that special variety is indeed worth buying in my opinion.

Warm cider can't help but make you believe it's fall, whether or not the weather is cooperating.
It has been slightly cool today, but damp, and not at all crisp like autumn ought to be.

I haven't made one single pumpkin flavored thing yet.

There's a gnat in my house and I don't know why. There's also an odor since we got back, and I can't seem to locate the source. My most recent speculation is that something crept into our attic and died. {ICK.}

Today has been one of those days when three'o'clock rolls around and I still haven't decided (ahem, or thought) about what to make for dinner, but Hattie and I decided on vegetables and then I could rest easier since there wasn't any thawing out to be done.

This little bloggity is drifting into obscurity, and I don't have must time or zest for writing in this season of life.....but the facts remain that whether I blog or not, God is on his throne and He is so good. And I'm thankful to be busy about my home, even at the languishing of blog.