Friday, November 1, 2013

Crawling, Worry, and WEEKEND!

-I get disappointed every time I don't win a Pioneer Woman give away. I'm determined to win…one day. She gives away so many lovely things, I'm just bound to win SOMETHING, even if there are 30,000 other people vying for the same thing. Except I'm always afraid that I won't remember what I wrote as my entry in the comments, and that when I do actually win, I won't be sure that it was actually me.

-Adele learned to crawl on Saturday. And life has changed. She is going places. She hasn't quite got her form down, but she can cross a room, and clearly that's all that matters to her. How did my baby get to be 7 months old?!? She anxious to be included in mealtimes and she loves her Hattie. Hattie still makes her laugh better than anyone else.

-Hattie had a check-up yesterday. I was so pleased and thankful for how well she's growing. Above 95% for her height (and head circumference) and 40% on her weight. She eats so much, I guess all of those nutrients are just growing straight up, instead of around.
You know, mama's going to worry. I had her pegged with type 1 Diabetes, which is why I made her an appointment. And it was fairly agony to have to wait ten days for the appointment to come. She was having so many odd symptoms; I was just sure we'd be having to stick her finger at every meal for the rest of her life. But, GLORY HALLELUJAH, her sugar and iron counts were both right as rain, and this mama is some kind of relieved. You know what the Dr essentially said everything accounted for? Two-year old-itis. (Granted, I made up the term.) She just said that she's two and two year olds do things like this.
Well, I'm glad to know. Maybe I won't be diagnosing Adele this way when she's two.

Hattie was a champ when they pricked her finger. I hadn't told her it was coming because I didn't want to scare the life out of her. But she didn't even flinch at the prick and the nurse just squeezed drop after drop into her little vial, and I was so thankful they didn't try to put a needle in her little arm.

In other news, it's (FINALLY) Friday. Our company is coming in tonight and we're going to have a some fun weekend. Although tomorrow's wedding will mean my good friend is moving off to Memphis, where a large portion of my good friends reside - and I don't like that part one bit, but I suppose I'll have to just deal with it and not interrupt the nuptials.

Happiest of Friday's to you. And Happy November! Is it too early to get out the pilgrims??

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  1. Yay for Adele! I'm anxious, but not too anxious, for Evelyn to get it down. She just can't seem to get coordinated to go forward. But for now, I'm thankful she can be somewhat contained. I'm thankful Hattie checked out all clear! I know how the Mama-worry is! Enjoy your weekend!