Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sometimes it's about self-control

I deactivated my Facebook account back in July. I've had several people ask why, and I've proceeded to tell them an entirely too long story concerning Little House on the Prairie and how it was nice seemed for people not to know what has happened in every person they ever met's lives for the past twenty years, whether or not they had seen or spoken to them. {There's some weird grammar in that one.}
But the short of it is a self-control issue. Because I'm really not that good at moderating how much time I spend scrolling and scrolling through my newsfeed, and I'd rather just eliminate the temptation.

After being away for some four months, I'm not sure how I had the time to look at Facebook anyway. I don't want to fall into the trap of distracted parenting. I don't want to be too busy looking at the computer (or smartphone - for the rest of the population) that I'm not paying attention to my children. I don't want to miss out the little moments of these tender years. It's not worth it.

I do get curious. I want the easy way of finding out how people are doing (without actually talking to them), but after a few minutes of reactivation this morning (to get a blog url), I realized that I'm not at all interested in maintaining Facebook anymore.
Granted, I don't think you're a sinner for having a Facebook, but for me it's not a good fit.

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