Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Essential Oils

Before Thanksgiving, I received my order of essential oils (from Plant Therapy because they are tremendously cheaper than the bigger brands, but are good quality).
Do I think they work? For sure.
Are they going to keep us from getting sick altogether? Obviously not…Emery's on day three of the horrible flu, and my throat is feeling questionable.

Last night, the girls and I hunkered down for bed (Emery's has quarantined himself in the office), and I was tired enough that I didn't want to go get the oils and do our feet. No big deal, I thought. And then after a few hours, I realized that I couldn't sleep because my feet felt so DRY!
This is coming from a person who doesn't like to have lotion on her legs at night because it's harder to sleep.

I haven't gotten into using ALL of the oils in the kit I ordered (14 of them), but I do like the Immunity-Aid blend, orange, and lemon oils best so far.
I thought I would like Germ-Fighter, known as Thieves in one of the big brands, but it's too strong for my family. In a carrier oil, a few drops of Germ-Fighter will make the rest of my family's skin turn red, and in a diffuser, Adele starts sneezing. Oh well, I'm glad I didn't just buy that one by itself as I was tempted to do.


In other news, Adele learned to drink from a straw, which is just about the cutest thing in the world, next to her waking up and clapping first thing. And those two little teeth make her look bigger than I'm ready for. In fact, this whole 'being nine months old' thing is almost too much for my little heart. We've been able to hold her in our arms for as long as I held her in my womb. She's grown so much!
We canceled her well-visit this time because I had serious nerves about contracting illnesses at the Dr's office. I don't think they ought to schedule well-visits during flu season at all.

Emery having the flu this week has been a trial…most of all to him, I'm sure. Fevers of 104 aren't easy to deal with, but my little girlies crying because they can't play with Daddy is pretty hard too. And single parenting isn't a barrel of monkeys either. I'm really thankful he doesn't have to travel with his job; having Emery home every night is such a blessing.

Pray the rest of us are spared from the flu!

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