Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Pink Cake (again)

 You may remember, I like pink cake. It's sheer pink-ness makes it much much more tasty than any other color cake I can imagine.
Hattie likes pink cake, too. With only four months until her birthday, she is talking most every day about how she'll be three on her birthday and how she'll have a strawberry cake and how-in a nutshell- she wants almost everything just the same as it was last year. I've told her she didn't have to have a strawberry cake, but she reassured me that it is the flavor of choice for her birthday. She's also told me that Adele wants an orange cake for her birthday. ;)

Now, I have a confession. I've been a little loathe to commit to pink cake again because before today, I was pretty sure there wasn't any other option for the strawberry gelatin part….I mean, I thought that all strawberry gelatin was loaded down with Red 40 and who knows what all, and that's why I was noncommittal.

But, Hallelujah, I found today on Amazon a more nutritious strawberry gelatin, and I'm stoked. I didn't want to make baby girl a cake that I couldn't really feel good about her eating.
I'm thankful to have this concern put to rest.

I'm thankful I can make Hattie pink cake on her birthday with a clear conscience.

I'm thankful we can indulge in pink cake to our hearts' content! It's going to be deliciously pink….in May.

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