Saturday, February 22, 2014

I am a minority

What minority is that you ask?

I am slimmer than I want to be.
I'm all angles. I'm always reminded of Calpurnia from To Kill A Mockingbird, who was described as such.

The post-baby body is an interesting thing, and much depends on how your thyroid regulates as to whether you lose the weight or not (or even gain more). For me, by the time my babies are 10-11 months old, I've lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy - which was about 40 pounds - and then some.
I don't want to be underweight. I eat as much as anybody, and I keep dropping.
The other day, I had to buy a size 2 pants. Ask me when I've bought a size 2? Middle school. Yes.
Skinny to the n'th degree.

Before I had children, I could usually browse the 4s, 6s, and 8s. The 4s might be a little snug and the 8s might sit a little lower, but I could wear them all with out problem. These days all those sizes would swallow me.

So here's a shout to the slender people. I am one of you. We get grief for how we stay so skinny, when we really want to say that we'd like to be heavier, but that, of course, would provoke even more words.

Embrace your angles.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the Lord provided a pot

{Dedicated to Gabe, who knew about pots, eyeglasses, and a dentist}

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Kohl's and happened to spend enough to get $10 in Kohl's cash, the only thing was it had to be used within a two week period, or it expired and that would be like money down the drain. unthinkable!
Emery was off Monday for President's Day, and that afternoon, I went to Kohl's (ALONE!) to see if I could find something to spend my ten dollars on…..and I looked and I looked and I looked. I tried on half a dozen pieces and went through the clearance in nearly every department, and I was getting discouraged. The only thing I had found was an undershirt for $3.
And then I wandered into the pots and pans section. We've been needing some new pots, and I've prayed about it and let it rest in the Lord's hands. I started looking for the clearance - which wasn't well marked - and when I finally found it, it was mostly Christmas leftovers and serving ware. I looked around and around those two wracks, and on the third time around I spotted a little pot with a corner of a clearance tag remaining. I made a b-line to the price check and found it was marked $12!!
Do you know what the original price was? $60! I would never feel good about paying that much for a little sauce pot, but oh, $12 is a delightful price for a good quality tool.
I walked out of the store having spend only $5 of real money, and elated beyond measure.

What's more, that very morning we had thrown away our old sauce pot because the teflon was flaking off.

What beautiful provision! Thank you, Lord, for caring about our every need!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A story of a sweet man.

I've got one. A sweet, sweet man.

A man who sends a dozen roses and chocolate covered strawberries just because it's February 11th, and he loves me just as much today as every other day.
A man who knows how much I like to get packages, and sends them UPS.

A man who laughs at all my VERY silly jokes and puns.
A man who cuddles with my girls and kisses us all good night.

A man who cherishes me, which is better than I could have dreamt.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Good morning, Monday

{I know it's 11:00am, but I've got a full hour left to bid you good morning, and I'm going to do it!}

Mondays are my heavy chore days. It's a recovery from not doing chores much during the weekend. Laundry. Dishes. Picking up 40 jillion tiny toys. Restoring order to the chaos.
It's busy, but I like that fresh feeling when the laundry is agitating and the the floor is clear of obstacles.

But then sometimes, the pull-ups are running low and the weather will be worse tomorrow, and the only thing to do is work a Target trip into an already busy Monday schedule….except what really happens, is that we head for Target after naps and lunch and then by the time we get back, the idea of finishing the laundry today is but a dream, but we put another load in anyway and maybe save the rest for Wednesday or Thursday - if we possible.

And then the baby wakes up and blogging time comes to an end. Happy Monday morning y'all!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So far, so good

I wasn't sad to see January go. We had sickness in our family three out of the four weeks…and that gets old in a hurry.
This Monday, however, no one was sick, and there was much rejoicing!

Adele took her very first steps last night. She stood alone and clapped for herself, which was impossibly cute.

February in Mississippi is a hard call. They're calling for snow next week, but really the daffodils should already be showing their pretty little heads. I dreamt the azaleas were in full bloom, and I had somehow missed it. But it looks very wintery today. Cloudy and most everything dullish brown. Soon though, the green will peek through the browns, and delight will reign in the clouds of pollen.
The promise of spring is a sweet one.

My list of things to make this week has included toasted pecans, zucchini bread, and pickled ginger. We also made some chocolate cake just for fun.

When Hattie helps me in the kitchen, she stands on a chair with a little bowl and begs for a bit of everything I put in my bowl. Accordingly, I oblige her and put a little of everything in her bowl. And she stirs and stirs and is then ready to cook her creation too….and we do, and she eats it regardless of imperfect ratios (ahem, nonexistent ratios) of ingredients. She doesn't mind the taste though, because she's as proud as a peacock to get to bake with me.
The chocolate cake she made was an entirely different shade of brown than mine, but it tasted just fine. :)

I like having a helper. Sometimes, it's cumbersome, but oh, it's so sweet to see her loving to be a helper to her mama….and I know that, like as not, one day she won't be so eager to work alongside of me - and I don't want to waste or take for granted theses precious times together.
Hattie is also talking theology these days, and trying to figure out who made what. "God created the heavens and the earth," she quotes…."Mama, did God make the bathtubs?"
"Mama, did God make the kitchens?"

And street signs. "What does that sign mean Mama?"……."Why?" (<-her FAVORITE question at this stage)
And for every "Why," I want to tell her the truth as best I can. I don't want to brush off her curiosity, but sometimes there are questions that she'll just have to ask God one day because I sure don't know the whys and wherefores of everything. "Why did you honk your horn?…why was that driver not paying attention?"

One more unrelated note, Kohl's. I'm a clearance shopper, but it surprises me when the 60% off price is still a little steep for my taste. What's the deal? I actually bought some pants that were marked 90% off (because $4 IS within my budget!), but it seems extreme that they should even go so far as to mark them down that much. I guess they have to do what it takes to get things sold.

Well, welcome February. May you be a healthy, spring-ish month.