Monday, February 10, 2014

Good morning, Monday

{I know it's 11:00am, but I've got a full hour left to bid you good morning, and I'm going to do it!}

Mondays are my heavy chore days. It's a recovery from not doing chores much during the weekend. Laundry. Dishes. Picking up 40 jillion tiny toys. Restoring order to the chaos.
It's busy, but I like that fresh feeling when the laundry is agitating and the the floor is clear of obstacles.

But then sometimes, the pull-ups are running low and the weather will be worse tomorrow, and the only thing to do is work a Target trip into an already busy Monday schedule….except what really happens, is that we head for Target after naps and lunch and then by the time we get back, the idea of finishing the laundry today is but a dream, but we put another load in anyway and maybe save the rest for Wednesday or Thursday - if we possible.

And then the baby wakes up and blogging time comes to an end. Happy Monday morning y'all!

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