Saturday, February 22, 2014

I am a minority

What minority is that you ask?

I am slimmer than I want to be.
I'm all angles. I'm always reminded of Calpurnia from To Kill A Mockingbird, who was described as such.

The post-baby body is an interesting thing, and much depends on how your thyroid regulates as to whether you lose the weight or not (or even gain more). For me, by the time my babies are 10-11 months old, I've lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy - which was about 40 pounds - and then some.
I don't want to be underweight. I eat as much as anybody, and I keep dropping.
The other day, I had to buy a size 2 pants. Ask me when I've bought a size 2? Middle school. Yes.
Skinny to the n'th degree.

Before I had children, I could usually browse the 4s, 6s, and 8s. The 4s might be a little snug and the 8s might sit a little lower, but I could wear them all with out problem. These days all those sizes would swallow me.

So here's a shout to the slender people. I am one of you. We get grief for how we stay so skinny, when we really want to say that we'd like to be heavier, but that, of course, would provoke even more words.

Embrace your angles.

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  1. I've lost all my pregnancy weight and then some also. I know I'm not getting enough calories in my diet to compensate for my baby who loves to nurse. I recently told someone I need to eat more calories (in a healthy way) and she looked at me like I was crazy!