Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So far, so good

I wasn't sad to see January go. We had sickness in our family three out of the four weeks…and that gets old in a hurry.
This Monday, however, no one was sick, and there was much rejoicing!

Adele took her very first steps last night. She stood alone and clapped for herself, which was impossibly cute.

February in Mississippi is a hard call. They're calling for snow next week, but really the daffodils should already be showing their pretty little heads. I dreamt the azaleas were in full bloom, and I had somehow missed it. But it looks very wintery today. Cloudy and most everything dullish brown. Soon though, the green will peek through the browns, and delight will reign in the clouds of pollen.
The promise of spring is a sweet one.

My list of things to make this week has included toasted pecans, zucchini bread, and pickled ginger. We also made some chocolate cake just for fun.

When Hattie helps me in the kitchen, she stands on a chair with a little bowl and begs for a bit of everything I put in my bowl. Accordingly, I oblige her and put a little of everything in her bowl. And she stirs and stirs and is then ready to cook her creation too….and we do, and she eats it regardless of imperfect ratios (ahem, nonexistent ratios) of ingredients. She doesn't mind the taste though, because she's as proud as a peacock to get to bake with me.
The chocolate cake she made was an entirely different shade of brown than mine, but it tasted just fine. :)

I like having a helper. Sometimes, it's cumbersome, but oh, it's so sweet to see her loving to be a helper to her mama….and I know that, like as not, one day she won't be so eager to work alongside of me - and I don't want to waste or take for granted theses precious times together.
Hattie is also talking theology these days, and trying to figure out who made what. "God created the heavens and the earth," she quotes…."Mama, did God make the bathtubs?"
"Mama, did God make the kitchens?"

And street signs. "What does that sign mean Mama?"……."Why?" (<-her FAVORITE question at this stage)
And for every "Why," I want to tell her the truth as best I can. I don't want to brush off her curiosity, but sometimes there are questions that she'll just have to ask God one day because I sure don't know the whys and wherefores of everything. "Why did you honk your horn?…why was that driver not paying attention?"

One more unrelated note, Kohl's. I'm a clearance shopper, but it surprises me when the 60% off price is still a little steep for my taste. What's the deal? I actually bought some pants that were marked 90% off (because $4 IS within my budget!), but it seems extreme that they should even go so far as to mark them down that much. I guess they have to do what it takes to get things sold.

Well, welcome February. May you be a healthy, spring-ish month.

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  1. I'm thankful to hear everyone in your home is healthy again! How sweet to have Hattie helping you in the kitchen. I look forward to those days! For now, Evelyn wants to be in the kitchen with me, but is happy to open all the cabinets and climb inside. Kohl's has been very disappointing to me lately. I find that their sales and clearance prices are still quite expensive!