Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh nap time.

Both of my daughters are asleep.

Someone, pinch me. Am I dreaming?

No, don't pinch me, I'm awake and they aren't and it's the middle of the day and this hasn't happened in like a century. Or nine-ish months, whichever.

In other news, I was looking around for a baked bean recipe this morning to take to church in a few days, and the reviews made the recipe sound so tasty, I think I'm just going to have to make them for dinner tonight instead. I've never been particularly excited about baked beans, but I do like the homemade variety, which are kind of a rarity.

We went to Big Lots today, and they had our cookies. You never can tell if they're going to have our Enjoy Life cookies or not, so when they do we usually stock up. I've gotten over feeling silly about buying 6 boxes of cookies at one time because A) they're delicious B) we only go to Big Lots once or twice a month and C) one box gets eaten in one sitting oh, and D) they're half the price there than they are are Kroger. So there, check-out girl, I am not ashamed.

In other other news, I have a one year old. How did this happen? Wasn't she just born? I remember so clearly everything about her labor and delivery, how was that a whole year ago??
And she's too stinking cute. She knows when to laugh and smile at the right times these days, as if to say, "Haha, yeah, I did that" (when we're talking about her) and her vocabulary is gaining ground everyday.  She's really a toddler now, and I'm not sure that I'm ready for my baby to be so big.

Adele and Hattie share a room these days. (Did I already tell you that?) And it's so homey with the crib on one wall, the twin bed on the other and the kitchen-set between.

My mother-in-law's CT scans this week showed that her days are numbered (as all of us are, really), and I'm so thankful we got to have a sweet week of visiting with her. Only God knows how long she'll last, and I pray that her remaining days will be full of joy.

I'm anxious to get my beans cooking. Hope your Wednesday is thoroughly happy.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Favorite Shopping Days of the year.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I really,  really like shopping at the big children's consignment sales twice a year. Really.
It's always such fun to get home and look through your purchases and revel in how much {little} you spent for the number of items you bought.
I've been looking forward to the spring sales for a couple of months, and yesterday we finally got to go. :)
I think we got 6 dresses for Hattie and 4 for Adele (though she really didn't need anything since she has all of Hattie's hand-me-downs), and a number of shirts and skirts and bows, and I was quite satisfied.

We didn't go on half-price day, and that hurt my feelings initially because my frugal self wants to get the best deal possible……..but Emery wasn't comfortable with me going to downtown by myself with the girls in tow, and since he wasn't able to go today, he wanted us all to go together yesterday. And I am SO thankful for a husband who takes such good care of us and wants to protect us. He cherishes us, and I love that.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Come on SPRING!

Y'all, spring really is going to come this year. And Thursday is THE day - whether or not the weather knows that is a different story.
My azaleas are right on time (ahem, except that I hacked them to pieces a few weeks ago, and there may only be 15 buds on each remnant).
Did you know in south Mississippi, there are people named Azalea…but it's pronounced Aza-lee.

Oh, but spring time. We've got a gloriously busy spring planned, complete with visits from family (AT OUR HOUSE - which rarely happens), birthdays, FLORIDA (Whoopwhoop!), and all these things on top of the fact that the world will be in bloom.
How delightful!

I'm waiting for the dogwoods especially, they make my heart go pitter-patter, and the pink ones even more so.
Someday, I hope I get to have a pink dogwood tree in my yard. And a maple tree. And a sycamore tree, of course. And a tulip-tree, if it's not too much to ask.
I'm glad we live in a world with beautiful trees and flowers.

My mother-in-law is here for a visit. Back in September, they diagnosed her with Stage 4 lung cancer and only gave her 3-6 months to live, but you know, she's doing great. She hasn't had any treatment and really she doesn't seem sick at all. We've been praying, and we know the Lord answers prayers. Next week, they'll do some scans to see what the cancer is doing, but to look at her, you wouldn't even know she ever had such a diagnoses.

Happy Monday, y'all. It's the last one of the winter!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

At least I'm consistent.

It almost never fails that if I say on this blog I'm not planning to do x, y, and z anytime soon, then I usually do those very things either the same day or within the week.
I guess I ought to filter the post a little better so I won't be caught in that situation, but I probably won't (wait, does that mean I actually will???). Nevermind.

Last night we started, "Operation Get the Children Out of Our Room."
I named it that, not Emery. Admittedly, if Emery had named it, I probably would have had my feelings hurt, but since he didn't dub it - all is well. ha.

Hattie has been saying for months that she would be brave enough to sleep in her room once Adele can sleep in there with her. So we stuck her to that, though she wasn't exactly keen on the idea. She did settle down and fall asleep while I was rocking Adele, and they slept great for, you know, an hour.
Then Hattie had a reaction to the dairy that was in the chocolate chip cookies we had earlier in the evening. {PLEASE don't ever let me say, "She'll probably be alright" ever again. The butter or milk fat in most chocolate chips is enough to set her at odds with the world. It's not worth it!}
And it took about half an hour to get her back to rights, but after than I got about two hours of great sleep. And then Adele woke up and realizing she was by herself, refused to go back to sleep for an hour…after which, I relented and put that child in my bed, so I could get a little rest.
Nap time this morning began, "You lay down when I tell you to" and hopefully we'll nix the rocking to sleep altogether pretty soon.

But let's hit the high note: crawling into our bed last night with no children in the room felt like an alternate universe. It was a breath of fresh air.
Even though, I like having my girls near by, having them in their own room was so refreshing.

And I'm sure we'll do better tonight. We won't slip up with any dairy - hopefully - and maybe Adele will be more comfortable in her crib too.

The funny thing about sleep training is that the start isn't the hard part. I'm pretty used to not having much sleep at this point in my life. I can deal with getting up to nurse and etc, but when it gets hard will be once I've gotten used to 8-ish hours of sleep again and then having to deal with baby waking up in the night once in a while…it's those nights that feel unbearable.
But God gives us grace for each moment, and I'm not worried. We'll make it through, for sure and certain. :)

Happy Saturday. I hope it's 72 degrees and sunny where you are!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It piles up

I think my sleep deficit over the last year is starting to take a toll. And the problem isn't that I'm tired all the time, but that I can't sleep when I have the opportunity….and with Adele nursing like every hour the last night or two, those opportunities are few and further between.
The bags under my eyes have bags under them.

All that to say, my incentive to begin night weaning is growing.
Except, we're planning to have company in the coming weeks and months, and I'd rather not get started with her in a separate room, and then have to change and confuse things for her when company comes.
Which is to say, she's not going to be getting out of our room in a hurry, and you might start to think I'm a part of the zombiepocalyse (btw, I think that whole thing is too silly for colored TV).

In other news, and happier news at that, my sister-in-law and I have started being accountability partners - and I'm really excited about it. I'm excited to be praying for her and to build our relationship and to be encouraged by her in my walk with the Lord.

In my younger days, the idea of having to be accountable to someone else was kind of detestable to me. I was proud(er). I would do what I was "supposed" to be doing because I wanted to be thought well of and I wanted to measure up to my perception of the other person's standards. How completely missing the point! But how freeing and encouraging it is to me now, to share our struggles honestly and to know that I'm being prayed for. It's great. And I'm thankful.