Saturday, March 8, 2014

At least I'm consistent.

It almost never fails that if I say on this blog I'm not planning to do x, y, and z anytime soon, then I usually do those very things either the same day or within the week.
I guess I ought to filter the post a little better so I won't be caught in that situation, but I probably won't (wait, does that mean I actually will???). Nevermind.

Last night we started, "Operation Get the Children Out of Our Room."
I named it that, not Emery. Admittedly, if Emery had named it, I probably would have had my feelings hurt, but since he didn't dub it - all is well. ha.

Hattie has been saying for months that she would be brave enough to sleep in her room once Adele can sleep in there with her. So we stuck her to that, though she wasn't exactly keen on the idea. She did settle down and fall asleep while I was rocking Adele, and they slept great for, you know, an hour.
Then Hattie had a reaction to the dairy that was in the chocolate chip cookies we had earlier in the evening. {PLEASE don't ever let me say, "She'll probably be alright" ever again. The butter or milk fat in most chocolate chips is enough to set her at odds with the world. It's not worth it!}
And it took about half an hour to get her back to rights, but after than I got about two hours of great sleep. And then Adele woke up and realizing she was by herself, refused to go back to sleep for an hour…after which, I relented and put that child in my bed, so I could get a little rest.
Nap time this morning began, "You lay down when I tell you to" and hopefully we'll nix the rocking to sleep altogether pretty soon.

But let's hit the high note: crawling into our bed last night with no children in the room felt like an alternate universe. It was a breath of fresh air.
Even though, I like having my girls near by, having them in their own room was so refreshing.

And I'm sure we'll do better tonight. We won't slip up with any dairy - hopefully - and maybe Adele will be more comfortable in her crib too.

The funny thing about sleep training is that the start isn't the hard part. I'm pretty used to not having much sleep at this point in my life. I can deal with getting up to nurse and etc, but when it gets hard will be once I've gotten used to 8-ish hours of sleep again and then having to deal with baby waking up in the night once in a while…it's those nights that feel unbearable.
But God gives us grace for each moment, and I'm not worried. We'll make it through, for sure and certain. :)

Happy Saturday. I hope it's 72 degrees and sunny where you are!

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  1. I thought of you so many times this weekend and uttered prayers of strength and patience! I'm glad to hear it went - well, not horribly!