Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It piles up

I think my sleep deficit over the last year is starting to take a toll. And the problem isn't that I'm tired all the time, but that I can't sleep when I have the opportunity….and with Adele nursing like every hour the last night or two, those opportunities are few and further between.
The bags under my eyes have bags under them.

All that to say, my incentive to begin night weaning is growing.
Except, we're planning to have company in the coming weeks and months, and I'd rather not get started with her in a separate room, and then have to change and confuse things for her when company comes.
Which is to say, she's not going to be getting out of our room in a hurry, and you might start to think I'm a part of the zombiepocalyse (btw, I think that whole thing is too silly for colored TV).

In other news, and happier news at that, my sister-in-law and I have started being accountability partners - and I'm really excited about it. I'm excited to be praying for her and to build our relationship and to be encouraged by her in my walk with the Lord.

In my younger days, the idea of having to be accountable to someone else was kind of detestable to me. I was proud(er). I would do what I was "supposed" to be doing because I wanted to be thought well of and I wanted to measure up to my perception of the other person's standards. How completely missing the point! But how freeing and encouraging it is to me now, to share our struggles honestly and to know that I'm being prayed for. It's great. And I'm thankful.

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  1. I thought about this post this morning as I woke up WAY too early and couldn't get back to sleep. I couldn't get up and enjoy the quiet time because E wakes up as soon as I get out of bed. Thankfully, I was able to enjoy a short nap with her this afternoon. How about you work on night weaning and getting A to sleep in her own room first? Then you can give me all your tips and tricks for me to try with E. Like you, I would like to do it soon, but know we have a lot of trips planned in the next 3 months. I hate to work on it, then have any progress destroyed when we're on the road. So maybe this summer?