Friday, May 16, 2014

Potty Mouth.

 I'm going to talk dirty today. Be warned. This is about Potty Training.

Last July, we started potty training Hattie. {Did I blog about this? I have no idea.}

Anywho, I was thrilled at our "progress" until, at three weeks in, everything exploded and she was no longer potty training and we were dealing with MAJOR meltdowns, oh, twice a day.
And then I was like, "So the terrible twos are real." I'm a believer now.

But there's a little beauty to the story because those terrible, very bad days passed in a few months (and we eliminated the dairy, which helped baby-girl a lot)….and looking back it seems like not-so-bad.

{Funny thing about motherhood, in the middle of a rough season you're in tears every day because it's that bad, and then give yourself a few months and every this is not so bad - and that's why mama's keep having more babies because they keep forgetting how bad labor and teething and potty training can be. But of course, we learn secrets along the way, and we're sure we'll cope better next time. I guess that's why some people -like my brother - say it gets easier with every baby -they have 5 children 6 years and younger.}

Anywho again, we gave up on the potty training for a while, a long while. But about a week before her third birthday, I started telling her that after her birthday she would start wearing panties again. The first  two days of course were accident laden, but after restructuring our goals/rewards we started making fabulous progress. So fabulous that my girl hasn't had an accident all week, and we just started last Thursday!
Hattie loves to pay for things at the store or restaurant -even if what we're buying isn't really for her. So one of our smaller goals was to use the potty three times with no accidents and she could get one things AND pay at Dollar Tree. If we got to ten times, then we could get a little something at Target (ooohhh ahhhhh). And for every success, she could choose a chocolate chip or a jelly bean. Hattie likes chocolate, and that worked well for her.

Of course, we haven't made it to the three week mark yet….so we'll have to wait and see if any regression happens, but I don't think it will because she's got the hang of things now. Back then, I had begun to wonder who was training whom. Which is to say, it felt like I was the one being trained to take her potty before she had an accident, instead of her telling me when she needed to go.

So here's a big hip-hip-horray for Hattie. Way to go baby girl!

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  1. Way to go, Hattie! And way to go, Momma! I like your reward system! And you are so right about forgetting the things that seem like major issues in the moment. I try to remind myself of that when I'm tempted to whine and get upset about the things going on.