Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The breeze

Adele is napping.
Hattie is laughing at Sid the Science Kid. {She finds him hilaire.}

And I'm watching the breeze.
The beautiful springtime breeze that tickle my birch's limb and flutters her leaves. The humidity is low, and that makes the weather delicious.
There's a blue-jay on my fence.

Tomorrow is a birthday.
It's hard to know how to spend the day before a birthday. For tomorrow, we'll be making cakes and celebrating and being liberal. But today is not tomorrow yet. And it seems a shame to just do the ironing on the day before a birthday.
Nevertheless, the ironing IS done, so maybe we can do some sort of birthday-eve festivity.

I never knew until I became a mother how special birthdays are. For the child, of course, but for the mama that birthed the child…to think back on the birthing day and the miraculous birth of YOUR child. Wow.

Three years ago tomorrow, I went swimming in a pool that was too cold to swim in, but I took the plunge because if I waited until after the baby was born and all the after birth stopped, then that Mississippi pool would be warm as bath water and not at all refreshing. So we swam. When you're nine months pregnant, you float pretty easily. I mostly floated ---and I was in labor, too, so that deters good swimming.
Our sweet little apartment, where we welcomed our daughter into the world. I love home births. She was so beautiful from the first instant. Not wrinkled up and red, just beautiful with all that dark hair that has since turned almost blonde.

I love you sweet girl.
I love hearing all your imaginings…about your husband who is an engineer, and your children: Jack and Jill and Jane. And you're often headed to your wedding at the castle or just got married.
You love old fashioned stories, and I'm not sure which of us has been enjoying the Little House on the Prairie books more.
And how you cook! Our day at the beach a few weeks ago, you made "butter" in your pail and stirred that wet sand to your heart's content.
Grow baby girl. Follow the Lord with all your heart. Spread your sunshine to everyone you meet.

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  1. Hattie is most certainly a sweet girl, and does spread sunshine wherever she is. Happy birthday, Hattie!! I hope your day is filled with all the blessings that make our three-year-old little girl happy: baking, and strawberries, and pink, and rocking babies, and singing hymns, and more baking, and time with your sweet family! We love you, sweet girl! I do hope you understand that your birthday present will be a little late because certain of your blonde-haired, blue-eyed cousins have kept us happily busy for a few days, but it's comin', darlin', it's comin'!