Tuesday, June 24, 2014

wedding thoughts.

A good friend of mine is getting married. Soon.
There are so many things I want to talk about with her; Things I want to tell her about how much fun it is to be married to your best friend. But it feels like there isn't time. She's planning a wedding after all, and is, I'm sure, busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger, and I, of course, have my two littles always near my feet - and it's hard to talk much with those blessed little distractions.

We went shopping for her wedding gift today. I'm afraid I'm the type of person who looks at a registry and then promptly disregards it. That's mostly because I like to do wedding shopping at places similar to TJMaxx or HomeGoods, and you never know what you'll find there.
I do try to note color themes from a registry and buy things that won't clash (too badly). Sometimes it's challenging to find things that fit what I think a person would like rather than just what I would like -- though I Never buy a gift that I wouldn't like to receive…but especially when you haven't spent much time around the bride and groom and aren't really sure what their cumulative tastes might be. But that, "I hope they like this!" feeling is a little edgy and exciting, and since you'll probably never know if they don't like it - all the better.

But marriage. Only God could have designed it so.
Women need love. Men need respect. That's clear as day in the bible, and it's so completely true.

And those newlywed days are so sweet. You're so delighted just to be together.
But you have no idea why on earth he would do something in that particular way, and he has no idea why you would be crying over that. He probably has no idea how he hurt your feelings, and it's all so new that it's hard to deal with the situation. And it's shocking that he doesn't do things the way your daddy and brothers do (which seems like absolutely the best way, of course), and, of course, he has very specific reasons why he does things the way that he does - even though it's different from what you're used to.
It's like the old toilet paper roll backwards or forwards debate. Do you twist or roll the toothpaste tube? Does it make any significant difference? Not a bit, but you're learning more about each other everyday.

You get to be your spouse's best friend. It takes work and time, but it's more precious than can be expressed.
Make your days special. Make memories. Dance in the rain. Arrange your little home. Smile. Laugh.
Have picnics. Make coffee with whipped cream on top. Snuggle. Work together. Smile some more. Smile so much your face hurts.
It's such fun. Relish each moment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You might as well know….

….. I've got the fever.

Baby fever.

It became official to me on Saturday. We were shopping at Target, and I found myself gushing over the littleness of bitty baby shoes and preemptively buying maternity pants (because they were on sale and looked SO comfortable).
I knew I had almost swooned over the size of a friend's newborn a few days before, but there at Target, I realized that I had the fever for sure and certain.

I'll also tell you that I'm wearing those comfortable maternity pants right now, because this mama isn't ashamed to wear maternity clothes when I'm not pregnant….except when it's the 4th trimester and I'm so over having to wear maternity. But that's another story.

I'm not saying I'll have any announcements anytime soon, but I sure wouldn't mind having something to announce.  So there.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Singing School

I try to be real here. {Isn't that the mantra of most mommy-bloggers these days?}

This is singing school week, and we're beat tired. Adele fell asleep in her high chair while I was taking a shower. That kind of tired.

I was dreading singing school this year. I shouldn't have, but I was. In case you don't know, we're hymn-singing Baptists. Primitive Baptist. No accompaniment. Just voices praising the Lord.

A cappella.

{Do you remember that Andy Griffeth episode when Andy asks Barney what he would do if he was asked to sing a cappella? "Well, I'd sing it Andy. A cappella. (snapping) A cappella. A cappella. I just can't remember all the words, Andy."} Lol.

We sing shape-notes.  "Do" is a triangle. "Re" looks like a bowl and so on. "Sol" happens to look like a note in regular music, and consequently, if we come across a piece of non-shape-note music, it all looks like "sol"s to us.

Anyway, I was not looking forward to this week of learning music. I was raised going to singing school almost every year, plus I was in the band in school, so music was something I was very familiar with, but my girls are just learning. So, we've spent the week in the preschool class - though I've longed to be singing with the advanced group.
As tiring as this week has been, it's been lots of fun - which I should have expected. And what's more, this mama has gotten to visit with other mamas all week which is both rare and very enjoyable.

Next week, we'll probably hibernate. I'll probably wish we were doing it right now but alas, singing school only comes once a year at our church, so we'd better soak it up.

Hugs. Its time to sing!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Life is funny

Life seems all kinds of funny today.

Case-in-point: I have a crock pot of beans cooking in the bathroom.

Our a/c is not working right, and I'm trying to avoid heating up the whole kitchen and living room…so into the bathroom the crockpot went. If I had a garage, I'd have put it there.
And we're having guests tonight - which means I want the house to be at a semi-comfortable temp, if possible.

Also, I got Emery his Father's day gift yesterday and, as usual, gave it to him already. He has a trip coming up and needed a new suitcase, but since I don't have any place to actually hide a suitcase AND because I have NO self control when it comes to gift giving, I just left it out the couch with a few things  I knew he would appreciate inside.

Anywhoo, happy friday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


We travel some.
Not like those who live in a RV and are always on the road, but in the last two months we've spent two separate weeks on the road….and being away from home for that long wears. me. out.

There's something about coming home. Suddenly you can relax. The children run around embracing their favorite things that they've missed to pieces and didn't know it until they returned.
And you're together as a family at home. No other people around, which is a welcome change.

{Not that we don't like other people, but everyone in my family is more at ease when it's just us.}

And so, home is delightful.
There are mountains of laundry to be ironed and put away. There are toys and books and shoes and dishes to take care of, but these things will wait till Monday. Today we're resting. Doing our usual Sunday thing, soaking up the beauty of being home, together.

By the way, how is it already JUNE?? Can someone please tell me what happened to the first half of the year?