Sunday, June 1, 2014


We travel some.
Not like those who live in a RV and are always on the road, but in the last two months we've spent two separate weeks on the road….and being away from home for that long wears. me. out.

There's something about coming home. Suddenly you can relax. The children run around embracing their favorite things that they've missed to pieces and didn't know it until they returned.
And you're together as a family at home. No other people around, which is a welcome change.

{Not that we don't like other people, but everyone in my family is more at ease when it's just us.}

And so, home is delightful.
There are mountains of laundry to be ironed and put away. There are toys and books and shoes and dishes to take care of, but these things will wait till Monday. Today we're resting. Doing our usual Sunday thing, soaking up the beauty of being home, together.

By the way, how is it already JUNE?? Can someone please tell me what happened to the first half of the year?

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