Thursday, June 12, 2014

Singing School

I try to be real here. {Isn't that the mantra of most mommy-bloggers these days?}

This is singing school week, and we're beat tired. Adele fell asleep in her high chair while I was taking a shower. That kind of tired.

I was dreading singing school this year. I shouldn't have, but I was. In case you don't know, we're hymn-singing Baptists. Primitive Baptist. No accompaniment. Just voices praising the Lord.

A cappella.

{Do you remember that Andy Griffeth episode when Andy asks Barney what he would do if he was asked to sing a cappella? "Well, I'd sing it Andy. A cappella. (snapping) A cappella. A cappella. I just can't remember all the words, Andy."} Lol.

We sing shape-notes.  "Do" is a triangle. "Re" looks like a bowl and so on. "Sol" happens to look like a note in regular music, and consequently, if we come across a piece of non-shape-note music, it all looks like "sol"s to us.

Anyway, I was not looking forward to this week of learning music. I was raised going to singing school almost every year, plus I was in the band in school, so music was something I was very familiar with, but my girls are just learning. So, we've spent the week in the preschool class - though I've longed to be singing with the advanced group.
As tiring as this week has been, it's been lots of fun - which I should have expected. And what's more, this mama has gotten to visit with other mamas all week which is both rare and very enjoyable.

Next week, we'll probably hibernate. I'll probably wish we were doing it right now but alas, singing school only comes once a year at our church, so we'd better soak it up.

Hugs. Its time to sing!

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