Monday, August 18, 2014

Of goals.

I'm not much of a goal setter. Never have been.
When people would ask what my New Year's Resolutions were, I would falter because I never made any.

Thankfully, things change. Children help change things for sure. And since becoming a mother, my non-exsistant goals morphed into things like: GET THIS BABY WEANED, GO ON A DATE, SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT.
…all of which would eventually happen, but I wanted to work towards them.

In the last week, I've been setting real, everyday goals.
Goals that I could only start to achieve because the baby has been weaned and sleeps in her own bed all night.

I'm purposing to get up at 6am with Emery, make him breakfast, and have quiet time before the girls wake up.

And to cultivate a merry heart & atmosphere for our home.

I'm excited about these things.
But I confess, I too easily compare myself to others, and just this morning I saw on moneysaving that she's purposing to get up at 4:30 everyday to write a book and run and stuff…and I got a little bummed out at my measly little goal. BUT, she's in a different stage of life altogether, and I have to do what works best for my family - not what looks best on paper.

You can pray for me that as we move from our nice three bedroom house to a teeny one bedroom apartment, that I'll have the courage to keep making Emery breakfast at the risk of waking the girls - whose beds will be right there in the living room/kitchen area.

P.S. Sorry that updating my blog with any semblance of regularity has not been one of my goals lately!


  1. Your goal is not so small! Losing an hour of sleep is a big deal for me. My goal is to sleep as much as possible -- to cultivate a merry heart and atmosphere in our home ;) but the extra quite time with your husband in the morning sounds like a lovely idea.

    Best of luck in your one bedroom. It would be a hard change. But your such a living person, I know you'll handle it well :)

  2. Your goals are perfect and just right for your life right now! Your transition sounds challenging, but I have no doubts you will handle it with grace. (PS - sleeping through the night in her own bed!?!? YAY!)