Monday, September 1, 2014

P-P-P-Packing AND S-S-Stickers

I've been packing for ages. Well, sort of since June - because I get excited about possibilities. But we're finally getting down to the wire. 

It's a mental challenge. I'm packing for storage. For an apartment. For what stays near the front of storage. For a weekend trip. For a week-long trip. For leftover days in between. And as ardently as I try, usually what happens when I divvy up the suitcases like this is that ALL of the suitcases are required for every night. {Which is, of course, no help at all…except that what you need IS there in spite of having to dig through 15lbs of clothes to get to it.}

I tell you one thing though, for so much of my household to be boxed up - it seems like the house is just as strewn with toys and junk as ever. 
But I know the cause of this. Stickers. My children love them, and I forget that I hate them. I lose my mind when I see free or nearly free stickers (ahem Dollar Tree, 400 for $1!), and all I can think is that the girls will love these, and then one day later when all the stickers are stuck all over the floor and all  the in between pieces of sticker pages are stuck to my foot, I cringe and say, "Whatever stickers are still on still on the floor by the time I count to ten are getting thrown away." And Hattie picks up the mostly whole sheets, conveniently leaving for me all the ones stuck to the carpet after I've gotten to ten, and then I think, "Stickers! Arg!"But they were my fault in the first place, because I lost my mind when I saw them. 

Moreover, stickers are not even something that one has to weigh the pros and cons of before having children. So there. I'm a mother with a sometime absent brain, but I do have the cutest children on the face of the earth….and I guess it's a pretty good trade. 

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  1. Hey, my kids love stickers too. I would find them stuck all over my hardwood floors, until....yes! UNTIL! I got them a notebook. Then I told them they could only put stickers in the notebook or on coloring pages at the table. This greatly lessened my sticker dilemma. My biggest annoyance used to be KROGER stickers. They would think my kids are so cute that they deserved a ton of round KROGER stickers every time we went to the store. Then, I started telling the cashiers NO. I told a manager, who was bagging my groceries, that unless they were going to start paying me for advertising, because the stickers always ended up on the floor, I was going to have to start saying no. Now, when asked, the kids say: "Mommy doesn't like us to have KROGER stickers." HA! Glad to hear things are working out for your move. Y'all belong at Shoal Creek! I can't wait to visit and see y'all there every time! Love and God Bless!